The Fake War

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by Claudiu Secara

Part I: The Fall of Europe

Part II: The Fake War

Part III: More Evidence of the Fake Wars

Part IV: Hungary and Turkey: More on the Fake War

First published on September 1, 2022

I think that the war in Ukraine is fake. For one, everything the Ukrainians are doing is crazy. It doesn’t take a military expert to see what is pretty obvious to the open minded; they are taking one losing/suicide action after another. Their weapons are vintage WWII. Even all the arms support they are getting from NATO is vintage WWII. Supposedly because they are not familiar with the newest technology of the West. Really?!

The West spent $5 million just to overthrow Yanukovych, or Yanushefsky, or whatever clown’s name, and then prepared the Ukrainian army to take over Crimea and the Donbas, but the same West neglected to teach them in 8 years how to use a Javelin. And we are supposed to believe that?

Now, it is common knowledge that Ukraine and Poland and the Baltics are maniacs when it comes to Russia. A certain influential center of power in the West has been feeding and whipping up this paranoia for a hundred years through all sorts of covert and not so covert financing and manipulation. And then there are the Khazars, who really fantasize about their land lost to Kievan Rus. The confluence of all these factors and variables and vested interests and centers of influence flooding people’s minds certainly makes the puzzle even more mystifying.

But the facts on the ground are not as complex. We have learned that an expeditionary force of around 100,000 Russians is basically annihilating the Ukrainian army of some 700,000 men. More or less. OK. They have better weapons. Maybe they are better motivated. They have better satellites and spying capability. But what is quite unmistakable is that the young and capable Ukrainian men are being slaughtered like in an abattoir, by the hundreds, in one sweep.

There is a level of Kabuki theater in the way the war is being conducted. If it weren’t so tragic for the poor Ukrainian boys and fathers, it would be almost farcical. Here is how it goes. The Ukrainians are attacking in the so-called offensive across the open steppe, without any cover from either artillery or air power (neither of which their side has). The Russians retreat from the line of contact and let the Ukrainians advance. Once the two are well separated, the Russian artillery starts the slaughter. Sometimes it is joined by air bombing. It all is pretty clean and sanitized for the Russians, but not so for the Ukrainians. Quite cynical.

The West keeps inciting this Ukrainian death cult and makes promises that are totally inconsistent with their actions. The Germans provided the much-advertised Gepard-1 tanks. But they are not really tanks. They are souped-up armored cars used to impress potential village rioters. For more, click here. But when it comes to the real German tanks, such as the Leopard-2, the decision is clear. No such tanks are available for the dying Ukrainians.

But how about the much-ballyhooed billions and trillions of dollars provided by the Biden administration? They were used to bail out the US banking industry, not the Ukrainians. Only a few billion, maybe, made it through the channels that actually provide obsolete weapons.

Now we have the energy crisis in Europe. Even Erdogan told them: “Putin made it clear: ‘If you do this, then I will do that.’ And Putin uses all the means and weapons at his disposal. The most important of them is natural gas. I think Europe will spend this winter with serious problems. We don’t have such a problem.”

It is contrary to any adult mind to not think half a step ahead. “Sanctions against Russia will not be lifted due to the gas crisis,” the German FM said. Foreign Minister Baerbock believes that Russia “threatens the energy security of Germany” and it is possible to get rid of the threat only by completely freeing itself from fossil energy…

I think we can all hear Putin laughing at them… Poor people ruled by certified crazies and housewives who are making their lives unbearable. For what purpose? The people have no clue.

Meanwhile, last but not least, both the US and especially Russia are using the fake war to test their latest war gadgets on the guinea pigs which are the willing but sacrificial Ukrainians. Why? I think in order to clear the country of the unrepentant, of the troublemakers, of the insubordinate and difficult-to-discipline East Europeans.

Kill a chicken to scare a monkey. The end of the lesson will reverberate to some other famous troublemakers, the Poles, the very self-infatuated and provincial Baltics, and to all of those holding anti-Russian feelings. It is a way to educate the masses and steer the new Europe toward integration with Russia.

The Ukrainians are condemned to be slaughtered just the same as the Western European youths were slaughter in the trenches of Verdun and the Marne and on the shores of Dunkirk, in WWI. Next time around the Eastern Europeans will be ready to join the already-trained Westerners.

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1 year ago

There are a few points here that I wasn’t aware of but in general I totally agree with you.
At best it would be nice for it to be over sooner rather than later but I don’t think that’s going to happen until Russia’s done what it needs to do.

Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
1 year ago

Well’n truly saiđ! This entire NATØ/W€F’n NWØ aspired to’n inspired total debacle shizzle-show merely self-serves the viciou°sly pernicious endgame of the effete elite transnational caBAAList darkn€st wįtch [sic] is hellbent on finally achieving its long in the making techno-feudal planetary coup! This is nøt the first time that the proXy war prone West has made fauX promises to Ukraine that it had zerø intention of ever making good on. O will people never learn from the monstrous events of past history. . . Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! ⚡️️⚡️