The Fall of Europe

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by Claudiu Secara

First published on August 25, 2022

See Part 3.

I think Western Europe has been split, since the 1970s, into two major camps. One camp contains the majority, the “people”, the hoi polloi who cannot conceive that they should pay homage to the barbarian Russkies, that Russia is their inevitable new sovereign. In the other camp is a tiny elite within the power structure that has long understood the way the wheels of history turn; they made a compact with the Soviet Union in the late 1970s.

They worked out the puzzle of Western Europe during the conferences on Security and Cooperation in Europe at Helsinki and Madrid, following the Vladivostok Summit, 1974. They recognized that in the long run the US would not be able to defend Western Europe, so they divided the world. The Gordian knot was cut. The problem, though, was the “people”: 450 million Europeans were not prepared to make such a change, so the world was left in limbo.

At the same time, the Western, including the American, elites were also deeply divided — between those who called for unrelenting “full spectrum dominance” and the much fewer voices of reason. — Henceforth, we have been seeing the policy of the worst, what the French call La politique du pire, in action.

That amounts to giving the political platform to the most extreme demagogues, to the most extreme anti- this and anti- that. Those who advocated the destruction of the nation-state, those who advocated the abolition of the family, those who advocated replacing the white population with blacks and browns, those who advocated total war until total destruction, those who advocated the lunacy of closing the coal mines, closing the nuclear generators, closing off the cheap gas and petroleum from Russia, etc.

It took quite some preparation to get to today’s total woke lunacy. It started reasonably, with Margaret Thatcher’s patriotic closing of the UK’s coal mines, followed by the Germans closing their plentiful coal mines, and then even Poland’s and Ukraine’s well-established coal mines. Nuclear power was a lot easier to shut down, just cause the hype around Chernobyl and all of Western Europe was ready to vote for the self-inflicted deprivation of a major source of energy.

What was more difficult was to neutralize the potential gas and petroleum outsourcing from the countries bordering on Europe – the Middle East, Libya, Algeria, even as far as Nigeria. Wars and destruction turned their oil and gas industries into ruins.

Where war was not feasible, like in Iran, or Venezuela, they imposed sanctions. No more gas and petroleum from Iran or Venezuela – out of spite for ourselves. A fine implementation of the policy of the worst!

So, we have come to the year 2022. Europe has cut itself off from all possible options for producing or importing energy. The West provoked a war in Ukraine, where it cannot possibly win on the terrain where a Russian population has been humiliated by more than a decade of suffering at the hands of the Ukrainian paranoiacs. At the same time Europe managed to convince itself that it can defy the laws of physics and replace a functioning economy with one run on thin air. Let’s remember that it also fell into the trap of getting used to easy energy from Russia at a time when Russia looked unthreatening – under the fantastic assumption of Russia becoming the next colony of the West. Was that 40% dependency on Russian gas and oil just by accident? Probably not.

The Winter of reality is coming. The Europeans are all chanting in the Church of the Green to be saved by Providence. Who is going to help them, though?

Next episode: Europe is handed to Russia on a silver platter.
To be continued.

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4 months ago

Europe will fall and so will all the West who are under control of International Financiers. It will be painful for awhile but maybe not as painful as it will be if the parasites continue to loot and murder everyone under their control. Imagine a world where anyone can challenge the fake HollowCo$t without fear of going to prison? Or send the African savages back the Africa and stop the Woke nutcases in the US from raping our children with their delusional sexual perversion and stop the insane injections destroying the fabric of life? Putting a stop to the Anti-White hatred. Stopping this insane Marxist agenda is survival and we must never forget it,

Kit Hickox
Kit Hickox
3 months ago

“a Russian population (that) has been humiliated by more than a decade of suffering at the hands of the Ukrainian paranoiacs.” Truer words were never spoken. Yet where do we hear any reference to this situation on the MSM?