The New US National Security Strategy

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from @Nationconsunion

The new US National Security Strategy was released today; it has been amended to reflect the latest world developments.

I have prepared a small compilation of this document for you.

The US describes a rivalry primarily between two countries: China and Russia. However, it is clear to the US (and to you and me) that these rivals are not equal:

а) China is described as the “main strategic contender” of the next decade, a threat that aspires to redraw the world order and undermine the status of the US as a hegemon. China is to be dealt with primarily by undermining it from within: bringing to justice the genocide in Xinjiang, human rights violations in Tibet and Hong Kong, and controlling tensions in Taiwan.

b) Russia, on the other hand, is seen by the Americans as an aggressor. But an aggressor that is not dangerous, but, rather, “blind,” that is, it does not fully understand what to do and how to do it. At the same time, the following is made clear concerning Russia:

  • No one will have a dialogue with Putin; he has been written off.

  • Support for Russia’s enemies (Ukraine, Europe, etc.) will only grow.

  • The US will not allow Russia (or any other country) to use nuclear weapons.

  • The war in Ukraine has already lowered Russia’s status in the eyes of India, China, and Japan.

In other words, concerning Russia, no peace talks are possible in principle under the current political leadership.

The main tasks of the US and allies globally under the new strategy are:

  1. Investing in major instruments of US power and influence.

  2. Building a strong coalition of nations.

  3. Investing and modernizing the armed forces, taking into account all modern challenges: cyber warfare, intelligence, and terrorist threats.

The US sees investment in private companies, including those outside the States, as the main method of achieving its objectives. They are primarily interested in semiconductors, biotechnology, infrastructure, space, artificial intelligence, and missile technology. The second method is to attract quality personnel both from within the US and from other countries.

Separate paragraphs describe American actions in almost every region of the globe. There is nothing unusual about this; the US can afford it, as it is still the hegemon.

The bottom line:

The US, as in the past, plans to make a high-tech army unparalleled in the world by the 2030s through the use and development of the most modern technologies and approaches. And what is relevant to us, as citizens of the Russian Federation: they do not consider Russia as a rival in principle, but at most, for now, as an appendage of China with nuclear missiles.

from @Nationconsunion

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3 months ago

This article is full of falsehoods and misconceptions.

3 months ago
Reply to  Alan

What “falsehoods and misconceptions”? Can you list them, or you are just slandering? If you slander, your comment shows that you are an establishment troll.

3 months ago
Reply to  Alan

Alan, I think what the author is trying to say is, that the ‘Juden’ US leadership has it’s head up it’s arse.