Can Iran’s T34 Drones Stop World War Three?

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by Declan Hayes

© Photo: REUTERS/Wana News Agency

Iran’s Shahed 136 kamikaze drone, the T34 of our age, is a global game changer, not least because some 22 countries are clamoring to buy them.

Iran’s Shahed 136 kamikaze drone, the T34 of our age, is a global game changer, not least because some 22 countries are clambering to buy them. First tested in Yemen and now going through its paces in the T34’s old stomping ground of Ukraine, these kamikazedrones, like the T34s before them, are showing themselves to be sturdy war horses that deliver bang for buck.

By releasing the Shahed 136 in swarms, Russian forces can overwhelm NATO’s defenses and, as the Shahed 136 loiters in mid-flight to choose its target, it causes consternation in Zelensky’s conscripts. Although it can evade missile defense systems [but] is vulnerable to small arms’ fire, NATO and their Israeli allies rightly fear it.

One important reason to fear Iran’s kamikaze drones is they were developed and produced under NATO’s most severe sanctions, instigated at the behest of nuclear armed Israel, which now knows with 100% certainty that its own illegal nuclear sites are totally vulnerable to Hezbollah strikes using even more advanced and infinitely more lethal versions of the Shahed 136.

For, let’s face it. Although Iran’s engineers can be very proud of their work, there is no doubt that Russia, Pakistan, India and, especially China, are reverse engineering Iran’s wunder-armament because it fits directly into the war doctrine of the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army, which is to wage asymmetric warfare against the U.S. 7th Fleet and anyone and anything else NATO sends into the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea.

Lest this truism is lost on Japan, which has one of the world’s best navies, Japan should let the 7th Fleet stand alone. If the U.S. and its colonies wish to go toe to toe against China’s entire arsenal, Japan should not get involved as its cities are much too vulnerable to Chinese and North Korean counter attack. If the U.S. has a beef with China, just as it has a beef with all others, Japan should not make it Japan’s problem. If the U.S. sowed the wind, let the U.S. reap the whirlwind.

And then there is the calumny of calling these drones kamikaze. The original kamikaze were the divine winds, the typhoons which saw off the Mongol invaders and the more recent kamikaze were the patriotic Japanese pilots who flew their Mitsubishi and Kawasaki planes into attacking American warships off the Okinawan coast. Although the Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero was a beautiful plane that took the Americans some years to come to grips with, NATO has no hope of corralling Iran’s kamikazes. That is because the reverse engineers of Iran, Pakistan, India and China do not work under the same constrictions Imperial Japan’s engineers did.

In contrast to the Zero, it is the engineering simplicity of the Shahed series that make them the T34 of our age. Although the T34 had an inferior design to Germany’s over engineered Tiger tank, German generals von Kleist, Guderian and Jodl all affirmed what a game changer the T34 was. The engineering genius of the Soviets, much like their British allies with their ground breaking Sten gun, and their Mosquito wooden wonder bombers, was that they kept it simple.

The Germans, on the other hand, were obsessed with their engineering, rather than with winning the war. Even though the Nazis had jets ready to go in 1938, they only brought them into service in 1945 when the war was already lost and when the Luftwaffe’s pilots had not yet learned the best way to use defensive jets or to land them safely. As with the V1, V2 and V3 rocket series, the Nazis squandered their technological advantages. As they did by embroiling themselves in the muck and mire of the Ukraine where the Wehrmacht’s advanced weaponry ground to a halt, causing its officers and men, when faced with ever fresh waves of T34s, to despair.

Whereas much of that German failure can be attributed to the fact that the Third Reich was led by a clique of myopic madmen, NATO’s Top Gun myopia is due to their vegetarians’ lust for lucre at the expense of the lives of Panamanians, East Timorese, Palestinians and Russians and of even having a healthy, diverse, domestic economy.

Although artificial intelligence (AI) stands at the heart of NATO’s war-obsessed economies, AI was founded, funded, promoted and developed by NATO’s war machine so that NATO, like Hitler’s Reich before it, might have its own array of wunder weapons. But because NATO’s prey have now evolved to surpass the NATO predator at its own game, NATO, like Hitler before it, must prepare for a last roll of the dice. That last throw is a false flag tactical nuclear attack, something the Daily Mail and NATO’s other media outlets are never done prattling about.

First off, NATO has a long history of false flag attacks not only in Syria but in Cuba (Remember the Maine), Vietnam (Gulf of Tonkin), and just about anywhere else they have invaded. As NATO’s media were fully complicit in all these war crimes, their bleatings about General Armageddon, Putin, the Wagner Group, the Chechens or the Russian Armed Forces can be safely ignored for the sake of analysis.

If a false flag tactical nuke is deployed, then as with Syria, where NATO wants us to believe that the Syrian Arab Army needlessly deployed chemical weapons every time victory was at hand, the question is cui bono, who benefits? The only answer can be NATO and the gangster Kiev junta it supports. Not only has NATO deployed such weapons in the past but it has repeatedly threatened to use them over the last 70 years against the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam and others. Only a simpleton would believe that BlackRock or any of the other financial powers behind NATO would be perturbed by a nuclear bomb in Ukraine, as long as “Putin” could be blamed and their own quarterly profit forecasts were not hurt. If they had no problems using white phosphorus in Serbia and Iraq, why should a small nuke in the Black Sea perturb them?

Far from being idle speculation, that scenario is totally on the money. Even after America’s second nuclear terrorist attack on Nagasaki, many Imperial Japanese Army officers were prepared to fight on regardless. As were considerable numbers of Waffen SS officers as their Reich crumbled around them. And then we have the various doomsday cults, of which there is no shortage in Kiev or, for that matter, in Washington which long ago silenced Phil Donahue and its handful of other genuine anti-war journalists. If Zelensky or his CIA handlers thought they could get away with it, make no mistake, all the evidence indicates they would drop the big one.

The atomization of anti war movements in Britain, Ireland and Germany and the control of their remnants by the military intelligence units of their respective countries does not augur well, either. There currently is no effective opposition in NATO’s home countries to a false flag tactical nuclear bomb. The Nazi regime in Kiev, like the CIA’s head hacking, flesh eating Syrian rebels before them, are begging for NATO air intervention on any false flag pretext that fits the bill.

Given all that, there are only a limited number of end plays. If NATO opens the door to nuclear Armageddon, then it is soyonara and no more cherry blossom seasons in Yasukuni shrine for any of us. If mutually assured self destruction is the price NATO demands, so be it. If, on the other hand, Iran’s engineering resilience can convince the U.S., Israel and their colonies to see that the global chessboard has tilted in favor of China and their other self made enemies, then there might be hope life, as it should be lived, can continue. Though the ball is in NATO’s court, they must realize that they no longer dictate either the play or the rules of the game. They can either live with that reality or perish in the light of that truth.

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