Here is How WWIII is Likely to Proceed

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by J. Kim via skwealthacademy substack

Every major modern war, as US Brigadier General Smedley Butler once infamously declared, is a banker war. The NATO Russian war being fought in Ukraine is no different. Non-EU nations that heavily rely on Russian gas, like Norway and UK, will have to make choices in the near future of whether to align with the US MIB (Military Industrial Banking) complex to uphold USD hegemony in international currency markets or to break away from the US MIB complex for the first time in our lifetimes and join the Central America-Asia-Africa—Russia-South America (CAARS) economic alliance that is forming right now.

It may seem ridiculous right now that the UK and Norway would ever consider joining a Russian led economic alliance, but it probably still seems ludicrous to the majority of people that Germany would consider joining an anti-USD hegemony alliance at this time. But if we are remaining realistic in our assessments of how the progression of our current world war will shape economic alliances in the future, we must consider a future with Germany not on the side of the Allies, as was the case during the previous World War, WWII.

WWIII, will play out whereby, to use the Allies and Axis division of WWII, the Allies will include the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and the Axis will include nearly everyone else. And for even the Asian nations that historically have exhibited complete obedience to the Western, pro-USD MIB (Military Industrial Banking) complex, the government officials of such nations are likely to encounter fierce opposition to this exhibited loyalty in the near future from their citizens, due to the massive destruction of the purchasing power of their domestic currencies that this blind loyalty has incurred.

Those of you that have been following my writings for a couple of decades know that during the 2008 global financial crisis, I stated many times that when the time came for the world’s major fiat currencies to fail, that they would fail in this order: the yen, the pound, then finally the USD. As we can see, my 2008 prediction has started to play out already. The yen just passed 150 yen to the dollar this month, marking the weakest it has been v. the USD since 1990, 32-years ago and marking a loss of 55.2% against the USD just since November of 2008.

Below, I have posted a long-term historical GBP-USD forex chart. Although one can easily spot that the GBP (Great British Pound) is the weakest it has been against the USD in half a century with the exception of 1985, since November 2008, it has weakened a significant 33.6% against the USD, but is still lagging behind the JPY in terms of collapse against the USD.

As WWIII plays out, even strong allies of the USD hegemony central banking complex will have to overcome massive protest on behalf of their citizens to continue to side with the allies in war when the economic missives of war are so obviously hurting their own citizens.

Thus, even as the loyalty of the Allies governments will surely face more challenges as their domestic currencies collapse and plunges their citizens into increasing economic suffering and hardships, several of the largest Allies powers during WWII, Russia (the Soviet Union back then) and China have clearly flipped sides in this world war and are no longer on the side of the Allies. The color coded map below shows the nations (in maroon) that are already part of, and most likely to join the CAARS economic alliance.

Most Westerners, because they only read Western MIB controlled media (as former German editor Udo Ulfkotte admitted that his newspaper was filled with CIA planted propaganda as “news” during his editorial tenure), have zero knowledge of the major fractures between German cabinet members and the US political elite regarding economic issues that have been intensifying for decades now (and of which all paying subscribers on this site, if you’ve read all my articles, should be well aware).

Furthermore, when it is likely revealed, either privately or publicly that a US or US/UK military theater operation was responsible for destruction of parts of the Russian Nordstream gas pipeline in order to punish German economically for their lack of support to the US/UK in the Russia NATO war in Ukraine, German cabinet members will likely interpret these findings as a declaration of war of NATO against them. And this will provide even more incentive for Germany to finally leave the NATO alliance. In addition, former US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland’s leaked phone conversation in 2014 in which she vitriolically spewed, “F*ck the EU!” when discussing the EU’s lack of support for NATO’s war against Russia in Ukraine widened the fracture between some economic giants in the EU and NATO, despite Nuland’s subsequent apologies, which were likely viewed by the offended as completely insincere. Consequently, Germany leaving the NATO alliance, as WWIII progresses, to preserve the economic future of its citizenry and the sovereignty of its nation, is a real distinct possibility of which most people around the world are completely ignorant.

It is a near given that the world’s largest producers of gold, silver, platinum and palladium that are not part of the NATO alliance, specifically China, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Peru, Indonesia, Sudan, Chile, Bolivia, Kazhakstan, India, Indonesia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, will all join the future economic alliance I discussed here, that I have labelled the CAARS alliance in this article. Why? Simply because it behooves all of them, even if they are not major producers of these metals, to join a regional alliance intent on freeing the global prices of these precious metals from the pro-USD hegemonic Central Banking alliance.

When nations with the largest GDPs in Africa, Latin America and Asia join this alliance, it only makes sense that the nations in these regions with smaller economies also join, as their massive debt is denominated for the most part in US dollars and is becoming untenable given USD strength against the fiat currencies of emerging markets.

Joining an alliance will allow such nations to eventually escape the gravitational pull of their crushing USD denominated debt that has withheld the economic development of such nations for decades, if not centuries.

For the above explanation, I’ve attributed entire global regions to the CAARS alliance in the US against the world WWIII map. And why have I labelled the CAARS alliance versus the Allies a military conflict versus just an economic conflict if I have described the entire conflict as economic up until this point? Because economic conflict always breeds military conflict. As I stated in previous articles I’ve published on this platform about this topic, the NATO alliance would never have baited Russia into invading Ukraine if there were no directives to maintain USD hegemony, continue the suppression of gold prices, and therefore maintain the status quo in global power that funnels the world’s wealth into the pockets of the Western MIB (Military Industrial Banking) complex.

And as all major wars begin with economic sanctions (study the economic sanctions levied against Japan during WWII to understand the economic sanctions levied against Russia this year), these economic sanctions, when proven to be insufficient to maintain the status quo, as they have been this year, eventually always transform into military actions (the coordinated explosion of the Nordstream gas pipeline and destruction of the Kerch Bridge joining Russia and Crimea). At this point and time, any rational student of history that understands that all military wars begin as economic wars also understands that WWIII has already begun.

With WW III Already Begun, Could Nuclear Escalation Be Next?

I still stand by my take that if this world war is escalated further in theater operations, that a member or members of the NATO alliance will be the one, not Putin’s Russia, to escalate the economic/military conflict into a nuclear conflict. If it is proven to be true that the US/UK blew up the Nordstream gas pipeline, then their willingness to take desperate measures to maintain the status quo to keep half the world’s population in great economic suffering will have already been proven.

However, even then, I don’t believe the escalation will be via a dirty bomb or an outright nuclear strike, even though the big story this week has been the levied claims of Russian cabinet officials that a “false flag” dirty bomb inside Ukraine may have been tabled by NATO forces as the next phase of this war. Rather, the most likely strike in my opinion, as the MIB complex has shown a willingness time and time again to sacrifice millions of lives as pawns in their military wars to accomplish their economic missives, is something much worse. In my opinion, the most likely escalation of this current NATO Russia war will be a strike against Ukraine’s nuclear reactors that will create a nuclear meltdown and radiation fallout that will sicken and kill thousands, with planted evidence to blame Russia as the culprit of the attack.

The most likely manner in which this would be carried out, if this insane tactic is on the table, is through a cyberattack, of which I warned about extensively here, as it is near impossible to prove up allegations made regarding the origins of a cyberattack without leaked evidence, much as the Western media initially blamed the Stuxnet virus on Iran. However, after the target of the Stuxnet virus was revealed to be centrifuges of the national Iranian uranium enrichment program, this false, trumped up charge no longer remained credible.

The reason I see such an escalation as a possible next step of this military escalation is because such a cyberattack/or direct strike would kill several proverbial birds with one stone. As always during war, when such attacks occur, we must ask, “Cui Bono?” or “Who Benefits?”

“Few men are willing to have the disapproval of their peers, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change.” ― Bobby F. Kennedy

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Kit Hickox
Kit Hickox
1 year ago

Aside from scattered and numerous typos, a most useful overview that I mean to send on to my more aware acquaintances.

Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
Dorothy Gorska-Tyas
1 year ago

I opine that it’ð be much more pruðent to eXpeðitiou°sly ðistance oneself from those Men In Black (MIB) about whom–rest assureð–nothing gooð has ever been heard, to ðate! Far better to politic°ally zoom along with the CAARS–given that the former are prone to live by a com°promisingly marreð ethos, compri°sing all lies’n hate, based ‘pon iðiotic twi§ted iðeologi°cull fate! Hence, as one may easily perceive: GEE! no allies of ours are they, inðeeð, for they’re enðles°sly wont to ðeceive us’n then some. Darkn€st wįtchy creatures such they we mu§t never obey, in any wįtch way. . . Lolz’n Click! ✨️☝️✨️

1 year ago

Just a reminder from an ex-military, once those nukes fly there is no ‘pick a side or the other side’…’s ‘lights out’ for the whole planet and there is NO coming back. All military personnel know this. For those of you who do not have a concept regarding the consequences of a nuclear strike, there is a 1959 movie called “On The Beach”….that will give you some idea…..and as I said ‘there is NO coming back’.