Winter Outlook for Europe


After the accident on North Stream 1 and North Stream 2 pipelines the energy balance has changed dramatically. Investigation is not over yet, but there are some hints on main beneficiaries. Despite the fact that gas storage facilities are filled up to 90%, there is still a danger of gas shortage. Storage is used as an additional source in case the regular supplies are delayed or the weather is extremely cold.

▪️The German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) has changed its assessment of the weather situation in the country from “stable” to “tense”, according to a daily overview of the country’s gas supply situation.

▪️The Economist published a statistical model attempting to evaluate how many people could die of cold across Europe. According to their approximation up to 147,000 people can become victims of cold. In comparison to death toll from extremal heat this summer, that reached 20,000, this number is large. But in comparison with 2,283,000 COVID-19 deaths in EU it looks different.

▪️Low temperatures definitely affect death rate, especially for old people living in cities. People start moving less, viruses become more resilient, breath and cardiovascular problems are forming a combination difficult to deal with. But the exerts of The Economist are pointing out that as “the body’s temperature falls, blood thickens and its pressure rises, raising the risk of heart attacks and strokes”. That’s a debatable point. Blood changes its density only when its chemical composition is altered. When temperature drops, blood vessels simply shrink and peripheral circulation slows down, saving body heat. But blood chemical composition is indeed altered as side-effect of the vaccination. And we saw many research data proofing that blood after vaccination becomes more dense and this is the primarily cause of cardiovascular problems, including strokes and heart attacks that eventually result lethal in many cases. Taking this into consideration we can assume that “deaths from cold” are very convenient way to hide deaths from vaccination. If we look at the COVID-19 death toll we see that a lot of people will face cardiovascular problems in the coming years.

▪️How did we find ourselves in this point?

If we try to look just a little further than mass-media messages blaming Putin, we’ll see many structural problems that have been accumulating in EU for decades. Instead of developing conventional energy sources, billions were invested in green agenda. For specialists it’s clear that any green source is not for industrial use. The main limitation of all renewables is fluctuating generation. Industry instead must rely on stable energy sources.

For Germany it ended up with return to coal generation. France underinvested its nuclear reactors fleet for decades, and lost over 50% of nuclear generation in the end. Finland is facing a deep generation crisis after problems with its nuclear plant Olkiluoto 3. Other EU countries that followed the green agenda at the expense of traditional energy are dealing with the same problems. Over 20 years of going green had a strange outcome: US is selling to EU fossil fuels at sky-high prices.


▪️Can EU manage this energy emergency with LNG terminals?

It can be a solution. But there are some problems. The price of LNG at the Henry Hub, for instance, is hovering over the $2000 level, peaking sometimes to $3500 per 1000 cubic meters of gas. It can hardly be called affordable, especially in comparison with long term pipeline gas contracts. But there is competition for LNG even at these prices. Asian market has been traditionally relying on LNG, while EU faced this situation for the first time. Germany won the battle for some LNG with India, but later China took all Qatar LNG signing a multi-year contract. Egypt can increase supply to Europe just by 8 million mt/year. Finland has to share an LNG terminal with Estonia. In Italy local social movements are opposing to terminal construction. Terminals in Spain are too distant from the main consumers in Germany. France and Germany are trying to strengthen energy cooperation exchanging gas for electricity. But it cannot help to fix overall EU energy balance.

▪️New pipelines?

Algeria needs investment and time, as well as other African countries to increase gas supplies on the EU market. Sea gas exploration on the Israeli and Lebanon shelf has just been started. And gas from there will go to Egypt facilities to make LNG. Azerbaijan is pushing hard on supply increase via its pipeline system, but the disposable gas volume is still relatively small. Poland is trying to control Germany through Baltic Pipe. This project can hardly cover needs of both countries. Local pipeline projects in the Baltic states are dependent either on LNG supplies or on the Baltic Pipe gas reverse.

But there are still couple of options. First is to persuade Norway to provide more gas to the EU market at lower prices. This definitely will not make happy Norway people and government, but it’s worth trying. The second option is to put into operation the huge Groningen gas field. A side effect is uncontrollable seismic activity in Western Europe.

▪️This brief review of the situation in Europe gives quite a pessimistic outlook. Although in South Europe the effects of structural problems can be mitigated, the situation is far from being under control. The EU governments right now are making hard decisions on de-industrialisation. Main energy consumers are industrial plants. And there is no way to save both industry and people. Blaming Putin for our mistakes is not the way out. More professional approach is needed. If the problems above are not addressed now, the situation will remain the same in the coming years.


Netanyahu Government Reconnects with “Revisionist Zionism”

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The agreement struck between the representative of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud), and that of his future National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir (Otzma Yehudit), provides that the latter will head an autonomous armed force.

The Ministry of National Security will take over the attributions of the former Ministry of Internal Security while acquiring new powers. It will supervise not only the national police (Mishtara), but also the border police (Magav) which until now was answerable to the Ministry of Defense. The agreement also provides for the creation of a large-scale National Guard and a reinforced presence of reserve troops within the border police.

Mr. Ben-Gvir is a Kahanist, meaning a disciple of Rabbi Meir Kahane who demands the expulsion of Arab citizens from Israel and the establishment of a theocracy. He makes no secret of wanting to use the border police to expel Arab populations, be they Muslim or Christian. The expansion of the border police will depend on the budget allocated to it by parliament (Knesset).

Itamar Ben-Griv’s party will also be in charge of the Ministry for the Development of the Negev and the Galilee, whose environmental police will be able to impose its law on the Bedouins. It will chair the Knesset’s Internal Security Committee, the Knesset’s special committee for the Israeli Citizens’ Fund (which oversees state revenue from gas drilling), in addition to filling the slot of deputy minister in the Ministry of Economy.

Outgoing Defense Minister Beny Gantz remarked that establishing “a private army for Ben-Gvir in the [West Bank] is dangerous…and will create real security holes.”

Benjamin Netanyahu is poised to sign two more agreements involving two other far-right formations.

One must understand what is happening and not allow oneself to be blinded by preconceived ideas. There are several forms of “Zionism”. Benjamin Netanyahu was a “revisionist Zionist”, follower of Vladimir Jabotinsky (of whom his father Benzion Netanyahu had served as private secretary). As a young man, he professed that Palestine is “a land without a people for a people without a land.” He was, consequently, in favor of expelling all Arabs. Furthermore, he advocated the idea that the State of Israel should expand “from the Nile to the Euphrates” (Eretz Israel). However, he proved to be rather moderate during his 16 years as Prime Minister. He was considered to have evolved. In reality, he had simply adapted to his conservative majorities and to the spirit of the times. Today, when the Straussians are in power in the United States behind Joe Biden and when his personal friend Volodymyr Zelensky leads the “integral nationalists” in Ukraine, Benjamin Netanyahu has found at last the opportunity to make his youthful dreams come true.

In the coming months, anti-Arab pogroms will take place in Israel, Jewish settlements will sprout on the fields of Arab peasants, and Israeli weapons will be sent to Ukraine. These are not separate issues. It is the same ideology that will be at work in the US State Department, in Tel Aviv and in Kiev.

Is Russia Preparing to Take Out Ukraine Very Soon?

Former US Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor is categoric  that the ENTIRE Ukrainian army will face DEFEAT by about 700,000 Russian Forces by winter, confident that Kharkov and Kherson will again be Russian cities, adding that the BIGGEST MISTAKE the West did was “involve ourselves!”

Ukraine Forecast by UA Source

@Rezident_UA’s source in Zelensky’s administration reports that the Cabinet of Ministers has prepared an analytical forecast for the Office of the President on the state of critical infrastructure in Ukraine if missile strikes continue.

The country’s entire industry will be shut down after two more systematic strikes, and after the fourth mass rocket attack there will be a blackout for two to three weeks.

The situation will not change after winter ends and the country must get used to living in such conditions permanently, and each successive missile strike will lead to a prolonged blackout throughout Ukraine.

Source: @Rezident_UA /

Ukrainian Losses in Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) Have Increased Tenfold

Daily losses of the Ukrainian army in Artyomovsk have increased tenfold over the past week: instead of dozen dead and wounded a day, the number of KIA and WIA has reached 100 or more.

There is data that since November 20, due to bad weather and problems with medical evacuation, the brigade artillery group and two mechanized battalions of the 30th Ukrainian Separate Mechanized Brigade defending positions near Kleshcheevka (9.5 km south of Artemivsk), as well as the OUN-UPA special purpose company—Immitis of the 71st AFU “Ranger” brigade, which the Wagner PMC is knocking out from the northern outskirts of the city—have sustained the largest losses.

Total personnel losses in these units are approaching 500. From the radio intercepts of the AFU it became known that the Wagner PMC troops maintain the pace of the offensive and continue to destroy the AFU units despite the muddy terrain and bad weather.

High losses of heavy armored vehicles in Artyomovsk have force the AFU to use ambulances as improvised armored personnel carriers, ammunition transport vehicles, and assault vehicles.

Conventional ambulances cannot reach the wounded, and their use in an active combat zone is very risky.

The MT-LB C specialized medical APCs and British AT105 Saxon armored vehicles are used by the AFU to transport mortars and shells, which has raised the problem of transporting the wounded to a critical level. The shortage of quick help has already led to multiple purulent-septic pathologies. AFU soldiers, without waiting for evacuation, are dying of painful shock and sepsis right in the trenches.

Wounded AFU soldiers are forced to wait hours for evacuation in flooded and muddy trenches. The time for qualified medical aid varies from several hours to a day, and the opportunities of the so-called golden hour, when the wounded can be given the most effective help, are not used.

As a result, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are facing massive blood poisoning and hundreds of cases of deadly inflammation in wounded soldiers, even with minor wounds.

The number of corpses increases every day, and local morgues can no longer cope with the workload.

Because of the influx of bodies, since November 25, dead Ukrainian soldiers have been sent 30 kilometers from Artyomovsk to morgues in the neighboring town of Konstantinovka.

In the coming weeks, the Ukrainian Armed Forces expect the situation with the wounded to worsen: heavy precipitation (wet snow and rain) and above-freezing temperatures are predicted in the Artyomovsk district until mid-December.

Instead of rescuing the wounded soldiers at the front, the Kievan regime is preoccupied with securing Western air defenses to protect the government quarter…

Source: @polk105


US-EU Alliance Heading for ‘Ugly Divorce’ – Ex-Russian President

Washington cheats on its partner, which lacks the resolve to break up, Dmitry Medvedev has said

The “marriage” between the US and EU will likely end in divorce, following the obvious “economic cheating” by the American “alpha-male,” former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said. The remarks were made on Monday amid media reports that EU nations are becoming increasingly angry over what they see as American opportunism amid the Ukraine crisis.

The US “has no intention to share his income. On the contrary, he steals the last savings of his aging partner and pockets the money without any qualms,” Medvedev, the deputy head of Russia’s Security Council, wrote on his Telegram channel.

Washington increasingly makes the business conditions at home attractive to European companies and encourages other nations to buy its products, he noted. Meanwhile, the market for European goods is shrinking, in part because of its decision to decouple from Russia, he added.

“You can’t really trust those rich patrons. Just like that – Europe is off the allowance!” he said. The EU could “break up with its cheating … partner and start a new life of freedom,”but most likely they do not have enough resolve and “testosterone” for it, he added. In a nod to “political correctness,” Medvedev said he declined to define the genders of the characters in his metaphor.

The growing rift between EU leaders and their American counterparts has been reflected in public statements within the bloc and in Western media reports.

Last week, Politico described a growing anger in the EU due to the perception that Washington is profiting from the crisis among the member states. Some of the bloc’s senior officials are irritated by the fact that US energy suppliers are selling liquified natural gas to EU nations at a price four times higher than at home, while military contractors are benefitting by “selling more weapons” to Ukraine, the article said.

EU officials also point to the US Inflation Reduction Act and the impact that the financial incentives for eco-friendly businesses that it provides will have on European companies trying to compete, and which are finding it difficult to cope with the record-high energy prices at home, Politico added.

Fomenting of a Color Revolution in China?

Meanwhile, at the other end of the universe, in China, strange things are taking place. People are out on the streets in anti-government mass demonstrations. These are not sanctioned by the Corona Committee, i.e. CC of CCP for sure.

 Actually, protesters chant ‘Step down CCP’ in Shanghai against China’s zero-Covid policy

Those gathered in Urumqi Street demanded the resignation of Xi Jinping, the removal of the Chinese Communist Party from power, the lifting of COVID restrictions, and an investigation into the Urumqi tragedy, in which 10 people were killed in a fire in an enclosed house (many believe the tragedy was caused by COVID restrictions, which prohibited people from leaving the house).

Protesters chanted:  “Down with the Communist Party! Xi Jinping to resign! “Freedom for all of China!”.

Are we finally going to see a reversal of the Xi government pursuit of a strict zero-Covid policy since the coronavirus first emerged in Wuhan in late 2019, with strict measures like daily testing and lockdowns? Despite these policies, China recorded its highest ever number of daily Covid-19 infections on Wednesday, registering 31,444 new cases.

Ironically, Klaus Schwab just praised the Chinese system in an interview on Chinese TV as the model system for the West.

Go figure.

Artillery Duel in Ukraine

Last summer in the Donbas region, the Ukrainians were firing 6,000 to 7,000 artillery rounds each day, a senior NATO official said. The Russians were firing 40,000 to 50,000 rounds per day. By comparison, the United States produces only 15,000 rounds each month.

The shortage in 155-mm artillery shells “is probably the big one that has the planners most concerned,” Mr. Cancian said.

“If you want to increase production capability of 155 shells,” he said, “it’s going to be probably four to five years before you start seeing them come out the other end.”

Official Documents Prove Anthony Fauci & Bill Gates are Responsible for Developing the COVID Virus in a Biolab

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The US government funded Peter Daszak’s ECO Health Alliance to the tune of $61,491,183 to make new coronaviruses that are infectious to humans.

It also directly or indirectly funds the Wuhan Institute of Virology to the tune of $7.4 million dollars to make new coronaviruses that are infectious to humans.

Meanwhile, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases funded Ralph Baric to the tune of $46,958,414 to make new coronaviruses that are infectious to humans.

This totals more than $114 million in the period from 2000 to 2020 to make new coronaviruses which are infectious to humans.

There is no question that SARS-CoV 2 (causing Covid-19) is man-made. Here’s the evidence…