Planning the Partition of Ukraine

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❗️Polish military analyst shares plans for the partition of western Ukraine 

Polish military analyst and former UN staff officer Colonel Ryszard Wozniak has posted a plan for the partition of western Ukraine on his Facebook page. 

It turns out that Romania, Hungary, and Poland are having consultations at the level of state secretaries ( it’s kind of a first deputy foreign minister) on how to “divide” Western Ukraine. Meanwhile, possible disputes over border demarcation will be dealt with by a tripartite commission. 

Earlier it was reported that both Poland and Hungary, whose relations have improved considerably, are gradually mobilizing. 

The worst thing for Kiev here is that Ukraine is already a”thing of the past ” and everyone is plotting its partition. This includes Ukraine’s immediate neighbours and allies

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Robert Blake
Robert Blake
1 year ago

Ukraine didn’t exist prior to WW1. Look at any historical map of eastern Europe from 1914. You won’t find Ukraine on it.
Current “Urkaine” is an amalgamation of territory gained from several other countries (Hungary, Galacia, mostly Russia, even Romania).

Robert Blake
Robert Blake
1 year ago
Reply to  Robert Blake
1 year ago

This is what happens to Ukraine when you have a bunch of Jewish criminal traitors running it.