Jeffrey Sachs On Nord Stream & Wuhan Lab

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Here is the conversation with Professor Jeffery Sachs, while discussing many controversial topics like Ukraine war, Media Lies & Wuhan Lab Leak. If you want to see more click the link below… on Rumble.

The actual interview starts at minute 24:50. Highly recommended. Worthwhile your time.

Or, Watch it on YouTube.

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Sue Hojdik
Sue Hojdik
1 year ago

Vlad is no Boy Scout. That Said. HE is Not the bad guy in this mess. Unfortunately our DS is . I Love my country. I do NoT love who is trying to ruin it. There should not be the world wide strife that is being loaded upon the world’s citizens. Fight, fight back with all that you have , with all that you are. Americans do not hate you. We want to figure out how to exist in peaceful coexistence without the greedy bastards at the top