Ukraine vs Russian Army, at the Start and Now

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Military expert Daniel Bezsonov @neoficialniybezsonov writes :

There is good news today, if you can call it news. I’ve written about this before, but I think it’s worth repeating it in more detail, as it’s more relevant than ever.

In the eight years before the Special Military Operation (SMO), the Ukrainian army was actively fighting in the Donbass, in the cauldrons and experiencing many other upheavals. During the eight years, the Armed Forces of Ukraine made most of the mistakes possible in war at all levels of army management and were just as active in correcting them. The whole process took place with the active participation of NATO advisers and instructors, as well as with the financial and logistical support of the West. In fact, at the start of SMO, the Ukrainian army was almost at the peak of its capabilities. Yes, since the start of SMO, the enemy has also gained more experience, but it has not improved dramatically, as its capabilities are already almost at their limit.

The Russian army, on the other hand, began the special military operation without any experience of large-scale combat operations against a high-tech adversary. The Syrian experience was, to put it mildly, not that. The enemy there was not as developed in terms of weapons and technology, and the function of the infantry on our side was performed and gained this experience mainly by the Wagner PMC, and not the regular infantry. Only with the beginning of the SMO in the Russian Armed Forces errors at all levels were exposed. Mistakes in logistics, errors in the management of troops and interaction between the armed forces, and the tactics of warfare were outdated in today’s conditions. And many other mistakes and problems were exposed only with the start of the SMO.

Now these errors are being corrected. Slowly, but they have started. If this trend continues (and I am sure it will), very soon the Russian army will be a completely different organism, with stronger components both in the personnel system and technical equipment.

In other words, the Ukrainian army entered the modern war at the peak of its capabilities, and the Russian army was at one of its lowest levels of potential. Considering that at the moment the “NATO” Armed Forces and the Russian Armed Forces look like equal opponents on the battlefield, in some time the Russian army will be a head higher if it continues to develop and unlock its potential – and this will not be the limit of its development yet. The main thing is that mistakes will continue to be corrected and problems solved.

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