It is All About the Dollar!

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by Claudiu Secara

It is not about Ukraine, it is not about Taiwan, it is not about oil, it is not about energy or the environment. It is not about which side Germany is on, and it is not about Israel in its war against Iran. It is not even about robbing resource-rich Russia.

It is all about the Dollar!

When Saddam challenged the Dollar as the only currency for which Iraq could sell its oil, he was squashed like a bug. When Gaddafi aimed to create a Pan-African currency backed by gold, he was publicly sodomized and killed like a petty thief. When Iran refused to sell its oil for the mighty Dollar, it got contained and turned into a pariah nation.

It is Russia who finally raised the flag of liberation from enslavement to the Dollar and ever since, Russia is boxed in and squeezed into the corner as the enemy of mankind.

Why the Dollar? Because the Dollar by itself is a more potent source of wealth than any other basis of life, natural or manufactured. And the one who owns it owns the entire universe. It costs a lot of money to extract oil and transport it and distribute it. And when it runs out, so does it’s income stream. It costs a lot of money and effort to produce cars, computers, smartphones, or to put bread and meat on the table. But the wellspring of issuing endless Dollars costs nothing. These days it doesn’t even cost the paper it’s printed on, because now it’s becoming digital. It’s all available at the press of a button on your computer. Endless amounts of Dollars to buy everything that exists.

Someone finds a way to manufacture a better mousetrap? Press the button and finance their competitor, and keep both of the goods producers at each other’s throat. The Italians are making fancy shoes? Finance Brazil to outproduce Italy. Venezuela is getting rich because it has oil? Finance Mexico’s oil industry and bring Venezuela to bankruptcy.

As it is in the world of manufacturing, so it is in the world of politics. Are the Republicans getting arrogant, given their popular support at one time? Finance the Democrats and weaken the Republicans to the point of ridicule. Are the Democrats getting out of line? Bring back the hungry Republicans.

So now, after some 500 years of fighting off the assaults from the West, including the heroic 70 years of toughing it out through the Cold War and all the sacrifices that entailed, the Russians said “enough of this Dollar-centric world economy.” And that is a life-and-death challenge — but mostly death. Death if they succumb to the Dollar, death if they rise up against the Dollar.

Given its long history of defending itself from the collective Western enemy — from the Catholic Poles, the Prussians, the French, the Germans, the Bolshevik Jews (nowadays, the neocons), then the English and the Americans — and having studied its source of power and the mechanism by which the Western elites govern and rule from behind the scenes, those at the top of Russian intelligence are the only possible beast killers left to shield the rest of us. They have been preparing for this moment since the late 1970s. First, they came out of their isolation by ditching the Soviet system and reclaiming their place within the rest of the world. They worked assiduously to make friends with the other disheartened nations like China, India, Iran, even Brazil and South Africa. They worked in secret to arm themselves with the most advanced weapons, they slowly and surreptitiously removed their economy from entanglement with the Western economies — rather, they allowed the West to become dependent on their resources, whether oil, or gas, titanium or uranium, etc. They focused on space-based technology, where they became unrivaled. And most of all, they developed unheard of weapons based on newly discovered physical principles.

Some would argue that the provocations by the cookie-peddling West in Ukraine are the cause of the WWIII underway. Or some would argue that Russia’s SMO actions in Donbas explain why the world is on the edge of the precipice. But I submit that it is the refusal by Russia to trade in and for dollars that brings us to the situation of MAD. It is the cheer leadership that Russia assumes in attacking — not Ukraine — but in attacking the single currency role of the dollar. Russia is spearheading, is inciting, is organizing, and mobilizing the demolition of the Dollar. It is taking away the cookie jar from the Americans. That is the real casus belli in this war. The once-unipolar-superpower United States cannot tolerate the loss of its almost mythical all-powerful Dollar. That brings it to despair and motivates it to threaten the Samson scenario. Bring down the temple on the heads of all of us.

Who will win this deadly challenge, this zero-sum clash of the titans, this daring high stakes betting to take down the Dollar and with it the 500-year history of Western domination? Will the Russians win or will the West cap its full spectrum dominance for eternity? My take?

My money is on the Russians.

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6 months ago

It’s not about the dollar … The B.R.I.C.S Alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) has been alive and kicking for years … ‘Cash’ in our pockets will soon be defunct … We will be carrying around a ‘Digital Wallet’ on our Smartphones and Governments will be able to track and trace EVERY transaction and if you don’t toe the line and conform to governmental diktat your digital bank account will be frozen … Sweden and Norway are trialling digital currency presently …

6 months ago
Reply to  Lesley

I am afraid, Lesley, that you missed the main point of the article. Which is that we all hope that Russia is damn set to derail just that from happening by taking the dollar out of circulation as the world’s single currency. Each country with its own currency, like in the good old days. No more dollar terrorism, no more dollar-based money transfer, i.e. SWIFT, no more collecting dollar rents and live beyond your means. Earn your living like everybody else.
That’s what we hope for our future.