The New World Order Re-Defined

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A Russian Perspective:

How do we define victory in this conflict? Evil tongues would say, “what victory, you lost.” No. Indeed, we didn’t even start yet. You will know when we start. The scope of operation is huge. Some argue that the denazification of such a large country and populace isn’t possible. They are all already indoctrinated. Demilitarization is a different matter. We stand good there. Those military graveyards full to the brink are indicators of success but also reminders of the cruelty of war.

But what about the first question? Opinions vary, depends whom you are asking. Russia will take the entire coast and stop near Kiev. Others say that Kiev, as the biggest economic and population center, must be taken, either by a two-pronged attack (from Belarus and Zaporozie along the Dniepr (which is the way to go for the second one). Maybe the middle ground is liberating temporarily occupied territories, and then preparing a new campaign to finish them off. All just hypotheses. No one can say for sure, but only a defeated Ukraine guarantees the safety of Russia. Not to mention the geopolitical mayhem that will come from that.

Imagine, NATO borders are relatively protected by huge swaths of what is known as Ukraine. If UA falls, Russia will be on the borders of Romania, Hungary, and Poland, the so-called soft belly of NATO (Romania, and to a lesser extent Hungary). The loyalty of Romania and others to NATO can’t be guaranteed in that situation. The Baltic “Tigers” are not mentioned on purpose.

Let’s go a little bit further. What will happen with Europe? The European Union, to be more precise…The first big test will start in about a month, exactly the same time when we expected the completion of the deployment of the Russian army in Ukraine. Will Europe continue to help? Would it be able? So many questions. But in the global order of things, this is a short period, although it seems to us like forever.

So back to the beginning. What is victory? Nothing but taking the entire Ukraine. What about the people? Nothing can be done with them. They will be like the Baltic “Tigers”. Loyal until someone else comes along. They were always like that, even welcoming the Third Reich with open arms. Every country in Europe has people like that. Russia will need to learn to live with it.

But what about the bigger picture? The existence of NATO is in question. The existence of the EU is in question. The dominance of only one superpower is at stake. When you see deeper into this conflict, you realize what are the open questions. China for now can’t take world leadership. But with the collapse of superpower dominion, the picture changes drastically. Even a superpower can’t take on alone every contender to the throne.

So, what is victory? The New World Order. Our NWO. That is a victory. Russia changed the history of the world twice in the 20th century. It’s not so unimaginable that it can do it again in the 21st century. But it will take time. WW2 lasted 7 years. Victory here can be achieved in a shorter period.

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Kit Hickox
Kit Hickox
1 year ago

A nicely composed and well thought-out piece with which I, as an American, whole-heartedly agree. I wish I could go home one day, but home for me no longer exists, thanks to the corrupt Democrats’ government coup, the uncontrolled voter fraud and the mass media’s ongoing Russia lies.