Former Russia’s President, Medvedev

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Dmitry Medvedev writes from the other side of the Ukrainian war:

Sometimes you have to respond to the enemy’s statements in more than just diplomatic or somehow allegorical terms.

I answer,

There are various cockroaches breeding in Kiev’s insectarium, constantly threatening to “return Crimea.” The aims are clear: to cheer up the tame insects around and to show the owner of the insectarium that they are still very capable of running after a piece of food. It’s almost like the favourite cockroach, Janissary, in the play “On the Run” by the famous Kievanist Mikhail Bulgakov.

So I want to remind them of the indisputable facts:

  1. Kiev is the capital of ancient Russia.

  2. Kiev is a major little Russian city within the Russian Empire.

  3. Kiev was the republican capital as part of the USSR.

And finally, Kiev is simply a Russian city where people have always thought and spoken in Russian.

To be perfectly clear, what and how should be returned…

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