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With respect, the idea that the western elites are somehow not “adults” or are living in a “reality Dysfunction,” while I certainly understand how someone can make that conclusion, is simply not true. The western elites are vicious and amoral but they are very very smart. Sure, their proxies often appear senile, but so what? Soros, Zuckerberg, Gates, Bezos, the heads of the Wall Street and London banks, etc., are very sharp.

You’ve cherry-picked the literal handful of senior leaders that are smart and know what they are doing. Let me add Kissinger on top of that, though he is essentially retired. All of these were self-made, intelligent men, who clawed their way to the top through ruthless will, lack of moral scruples, and deep, old-money connections.

But the vast majority of the West’s leaders, including the banksters, are of a different ilk. They are scions of billionaire parents (Sunak, Trudeau, Soros Jr., etc.) or of the masonic old guard of ’68; born to effortless privilege, and raised in total isolation from the plebs and their sordid problems; and recruited into the power circle by Klaus Schwab and his YGL cadre organization. Schwab wanted to raise a cadre of obedient stooges, and put them, via deep-state connections, in positions of power. So he selected his “leaders” by the criteria of being weak-willed, unprincipled, self-centered, and ignorant—because such people are easier to manipulate to whatever ends their “handlers” direct them.

And these are exactly the qualities the vast majority of Western “leaders” display now. So, Schwab has been spectacularly successful, right? Unfortunately, when a crisis comes, such people turn out to be utterly worthless, even to their disappointed handlers. The course of world events has deviated far from what they were instructed to expect, and these incompetents are totally at a loss; they have to be micromanaged, instructed at each new development what to do and what to say, and even so they step from blunder to failure. That’s why the West is falling apart so dismally.


It takes a soldier in war to lose his feelings in about 2 months. How long did it take the Russian populace to lose theirs, { without propaganda programs like the West has } and tell their government – enough is enough – take out these Ukie Nazis ? Less than a year, once the SMO started. And they have the only real reasons, in order to destroy Ukraine.

Then look at some of the Americans who want total war in order to protect some country they’ve never seen, and know nothing about. And then we have the Trolls.


Note – the Ukrainian Civil War is but a sideshow in what is now a Global War between NATOland and 87% of the world.

The critical variable of the Global War to watch is pace of de-dollarization



The Ukraine is a region of the Russian Empire meaning “borderlands”………towns like Lugansk and Donetsk were build by a Scotsman and a Welshman respectively when Catherine The Great was around and the region is known as “Novorossiya”.

Ukraine was encouraged as a puppet state by the German Occupiers in 1914-18 war just as it was 1941-44 – it was a German puppet state much like Warthegau.

As for the current setup – in 1991 Ukrainian SSR broke away from USSR and created the post of “President” but never bothered to agree national borders with its neighbours or register them at UN

Lenin created a coastline for Ukrainian SSR by allocating Industrial Workers in Novorossiya to the Peasants in the farmlands of Polish-landlord estates to create a Paradise of Workers & Peasants. – ie Hammer and Sickle.

Lenin was dead by 1924. Poland was created by Woodrow Wilson 1918 like much of Central Europe before USA disengaged and let Europe starve which is why Herbert Hoover ran relief programmes in Poland and Central Europe

Poland was used by London especially Churchill as a centre for spy activity against USSR and Boris Savinkov was based in Warsaw until Dzerzhinsky lured him back to USSR through “The Trust”

It is just the same old game………..


I have an alternative theory about this”war”. Perhaps Ukraine is being depopulated so that a new Kazaria can be created. They’ve never forgivin the Russians for taking it in the first place. For them it is a sweet deal, good farmland, no more baking desert, and no longer surrounded by millions of arabs. I think this is a plausible reason for this “war”. Plus the added benefit of taking the covid obscenity off the front pages this year. Its a win win game. Get your land back, thumb your nose at the Russians, and bleed the American treasury dry. It was probably already worked out in game theory, everything else is just noise to confuse everyone as to the real objective. What do you think? Possible?

And how do the tens of thousands of new Jewish arrivals emigrating out of Israel and into Ukraine play out and into Putin’s plans? Is this one big gift to Israeli’s Jews? I often wonder has this been the plan all along. And I wonder what the American 101st airborne is doing in Romania and so very close to the Ukraine areas where thousands of Israeli jews are arriving. I wish there was more news about this and if any of the above is really happening at all.


Maybe it is personal, because Ukrainians killed my great-grandfather after WWII was over, just put a bullet in his head because he was Polish, but I would be happy if Russian erased Ukraine from the map. To me it is not a Ukrainian war. It is international Jews against Russia. Just read about “heavenly Jerusalem ” preparation before war started. Jews wanted to move Israel to Ukrainian territory . They already built lots of housing for them. That is why “celebrity” Jewish actors go to support Zelensky who wants to “fight to the last Ukrainian” which would be ideal for Jews. They don’t want to deal with these savages who collaborated with Hitler in the extermination of Jews.


Let´s see … Ze[lenski] is becoming visibly unhinged (nose twitching, paranoid delusions);
Surovikin has already spoken of unconditional surrender (not a figure of speech);
“Western” “elites” are getting hysterical as We the People start bucking against
the nose-ring (blaming the “far right” won’t work forever).

Long I don’t know what, but mos def short Ze.

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1 year ago

Maybe the French had the right idea when they had their revolution and chopped off a few heads.

1 year ago

Maybe it’s me, but Israeli Jews moving to Ukraine??? That’s the first I’ve heard of that.