Ukrainian Losses in Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) Have Increased Tenfold

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Daily losses of the Ukrainian army in Artyomovsk have increased tenfold over the past week: instead of dozen dead and wounded a day, the number of KIA and WIA has reached 100 or more.

There is data that since November 20, due to bad weather and problems with medical evacuation, the brigade artillery group and two mechanized battalions of the 30th Ukrainian Separate Mechanized Brigade defending positions near Kleshcheevka (9.5 km south of Artemivsk), as well as the OUN-UPA special purpose company—Immitis of the 71st AFU “Ranger” brigade, which the Wagner PMC is knocking out from the northern outskirts of the city—have sustained the largest losses.

Total personnel losses in these units are approaching 500. From the radio intercepts of the AFU it became known that the Wagner PMC troops maintain the pace of the offensive and continue to destroy the AFU units despite the muddy terrain and bad weather.

High losses of heavy armored vehicles in Artyomovsk have force the AFU to use ambulances as improvised armored personnel carriers, ammunition transport vehicles, and assault vehicles.

Conventional ambulances cannot reach the wounded, and their use in an active combat zone is very risky.

The MT-LB C specialized medical APCs and British AT105 Saxon armored vehicles are used by the AFU to transport mortars and shells, which has raised the problem of transporting the wounded to a critical level. The shortage of quick help has already led to multiple purulent-septic pathologies. AFU soldiers, without waiting for evacuation, are dying of painful shock and sepsis right in the trenches.

Wounded AFU soldiers are forced to wait hours for evacuation in flooded and muddy trenches. The time for qualified medical aid varies from several hours to a day, and the opportunities of the so-called golden hour, when the wounded can be given the most effective help, are not used.

As a result, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are facing massive blood poisoning and hundreds of cases of deadly inflammation in wounded soldiers, even with minor wounds.

The number of corpses increases every day, and local morgues can no longer cope with the workload.

Because of the influx of bodies, since November 25, dead Ukrainian soldiers have been sent 30 kilometers from Artyomovsk to morgues in the neighboring town of Konstantinovka.

In the coming weeks, the Ukrainian Armed Forces expect the situation with the wounded to worsen: heavy precipitation (wet snow and rain) and above-freezing temperatures are predicted in the Artyomovsk district until mid-December.

Instead of rescuing the wounded soldiers at the front, the Kievan regime is preoccupied with securing Western air defenses to protect the government quarter…

Source: @polk105


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