Russian Artillery at Work

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Make no mistake, this is how the Russian artillery continues to annihilate any possible resistance by the Ukrainian soldiers. They are the modern version of the famous WWII Katyusha.  

By comparison, the West is sending mostly vintage Soviet era equipment.

But even the highly praised American HIMARS rocket launchers are outgunned by the Russian interceptors. — “Russian air defenses have received a new software that allows them to quickly detect, track and shoot down precision-guided rockets fired by American-made M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) and M270 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) recently supplied to Ukraine, the commander a Russian air defense unit based in the Zaporozhye region told the Ria Novosti news agency on December 2.”

Below, Russian forces unleash relentless salvo of rockets on Ukrainian army soldiers in Artyomovsk-Bakhmut, Donetsk Republic.

Russia is slowly but surely getting the war machine up and running. Factories have been switched to three shifts, personnel are being recruited and for Ukraine, everything is just beginning.

This was stated by a former Kiev journalist, Andrey Vajra, on the Internet channel SMERSH: “Crimean Front.” 

“In many things, modern Russia has already surpassed the Soviet Union in production.” This is due, first of all, to a much higher technological level… Additional staff at military enterprises is being recruited, new production facilities are being opened, and it is all done quickly and expeditiously, according to the necessary tasks. Those “shoals” and defects that showed themselves from the very beginning, since the moment of mobilization, are being eliminated.

The system was not designed for what is happening now or for the version of the war in which we find ourselves. Now we are having to adjust the system on the fly to remove various shortcomings, but the process is under way and moving very quickly and effectively. All these shortcomings are being eliminated.

So in a month or two or three, the main problems will be completely solved. The most interesting thing is that we are only at the beginning. Everything is just beginning for the bulk of Ukrainian citizens. 

“Everything before that was just a fairy tale for them,” Vajra said.

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