Price Ceiling on Russian Oil is an Attempt to Shape a New Colonial System

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by Claudiu Secara*

The imposition of a price ceiling on Russian oil is an attempt to shape a new world economic system by rigging the market in favor of the consumer countries. This way, the resource rich and productive countries are set up as a second tier subservient to the price dictates of the Dollar-emitting center. The so-called global market is to be replaced by the financial cartel’s full colonial domination. Its stages are :

  1. The creation of a consumer cartel, which includes most of the developed, rich economies. US, EU, Japan, Canada, Australia, and South Korea

  2. Creating a mechanism to control the purchase of oil from Russia at $60. That is, the price will not be determined by a market mechanism but by a hegemonic decision.

  3. A price correction occurs approximately every month. (Or every two months).

  4. This mechanism will be applied, if it works, against other oil-producing countries as well; Iran first, then gradually for everyone else, including the Arab countries.

  5. Then this cartel oil price mechanism will be applied to other natural resources and other states.

  6. Then it will be applied against goods from China.

  7. This is how Western civilization will establish an economic dictatorship of the consumer countries cartel on the rest of the world economy.

  8. This is what the fight is about now, not just stealing a few tens of billions from Russia.

  9. If this succeeds, the world market is to be replaced by an authoritarian, hegemonic driven world colonial system.


*on an idea from

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