War is Expensive

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Colleagues, war is an expensive business.
This is understood in the Kremlin, so they chose the strategy of “boa constrictor”, the slow strangulation of the entire economy, so that Ukraine becomes too heavy a burden for the West.
If earlier it cost $2-3 billion to serve a “social case” in Ukraine, now it is already $5-7 billion, and in 2023, with the economy not working, $8-10 billion is predicted if the Office of the President refuses to lower the hryvnia and raise tariffs.
Now Zaluzhny [Chief of the General Staff] is asking for at least 300 tanks, which cost at least $600-$900 million (of Soviet era), 600 normal infantry fighting vehicles is about $500 million, and 500 good howitzers is 1 billion, not counting ammo, that is, about $2.5 – $3 billion. According to him, this is necessary for a new offensive.
At the same time, it should be taken into account that the loss of Ukraine in a positional war is about 4-8 tanks per week, not counting other light vehicles. [category saving ukrainians from themselves]
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