Military Expert Aleksandr Artamonov on New Deliveries to Ukraine

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▪️The Patriot battery consists of four launchers with two missiles each. A salvo costs between $700,000 and a million. The AFU could hit our Geranium-2(Shahed-136) , but it makes no sense. Our drones fly in huge numbers, not to mention high-precision X-101 and X-38 missiles. Weapons are promised to Ukraine as political corpses. Those who come to replace them must still agree to the deliveries. 

▪️Americans produce 13-14 thousand 155 mm shells per month. During a period of escalation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine use 6 thousand shells a day. For every one of their arrivals four strikes from us follow. It takes 2-3 years to put the economy on a war footing. We are unlikely to give the enemy that time. 

▪️Ukrainian and some American officials are asking the United States government to supply MIM-Hawk systems. They were withdrawn from service 12 years ago.

▪️Patriot missiles don’t see anything. Six years ago the Yemenis hit oil depots in Saudi Arabia defended by the Patriot system. The air defence system failed to shoot down the drones. The radar did not detect them in the airspace. 

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Since the beginning of Russia’s Special Operation, the West has supplied Ukraine with more than 350 tanks, 700 artillery systems, 100 multiple rocket launch systems, 30 helicopters, and at least 5,000 drones  Head of Russian General Staff Gerasimov

UPDATE: Russia’s Kinzhal (“Dagger”) hypersonic missile proved invulnerable to Ukrainian air defenses – Gerasimov

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