The Neutering Bomb Paralyses Millions of Minds

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By John Helmer, Moscow

If you pay government taxes, you have done your bit and contributed to the one hundred billion dollars which the US and its allies have spent on the Ukrainian battlefield since the year began. And if you are German, you are going to be paying one hundred billion Euros in next year’s Berlin rearmament programme aimed at fighting Russia and China.

Next, if you think that in these outlays you are making a winning investment in securing the defence of your frontiers, of your democratic freedoms and your constitutional and human rights, you are suffering the first-wave blast effect of the neutering bomb.

Since the US Army’s PROJECT DOVE tested the first neutron bomb in 1964, the concept has been established in US and NATO warfighting manuals for waging war by destroying people but not buildings, electricity grids, or the infrastructure of their economies. Almost fifty years later, since 2014 the new warfighting concept has been in testing. This is not to destroy Russians or the inhabitants of the Donbass – there are regular bombs, missiles and artillery shells for them, and you are paying the bill.

The new concept is the neutering bomb. This has been designed to destroy the minds of Americans, Germans, other Europeans, British, Canadians and Australians, but leave them at work to keep paying their taxes, voting for their members of parliament, and paying subscriptions to keep reading newspapers and magazines which warn against suspecting this  scheme of things is a grand fraud and a big lie.

The suspicion is impossible because of the secondary effect of the neutering bomb.  This is neurological. Your ears hear, and your eyes read. But you can no longer detect fabrication and falsehood. This is the Novichok effect – paralysis of the brain box from droplets you have been told were squeezed by Russian soldiers on to your front doorknobs;  in your perfume atomisers; and  inside your underpants.

Believe that – and, well, not only are you ready to accept any preposterousness you hear or read, but you are displaying the symptoms of having been N-bombed, neutralized, casualty of war, one of the walking wounded.

Depending on how severely you have been exposed, there may be no medical treatment, no antidote.

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