Recent News on Israel vs Iran

A comment on the situation regarding the attacks on Iran: Israel is most likely carrying out those unprovoked attacks on Iran out of a desire to hide embarrassment at not being able to contain the most recent stabbings and shootings.

Israeli politics are already usually a clown show, a banana country on steroids. The prime minister is proven to be corrupt, a turd you simply cannot flush: no matter what happens, power ends up in his hands.

To make it worse, the current parties that back him are the most extreme, mentally deranged fascist lunatics and that is saying a lot, considering competition on that in Israel is very high.

It is insulting, infuriating, that the same group of rich countries constantly attacking Russia supports Israel to the hilt, refusing to condemn even their most blatant and absurd crimes. Here we have them doing pretty much everything Russia is accused of, in fact, going even further, as not even the most rabid western commentators would claim that Russia started a war so the president’s popularity could rise.

Every time Netanyahu wants to take the focus away from his mistakes, people randomly die. Or when they have an election, which in Israel is every six months. Neocons usually defend Israel as the “only democracy of the middle east”, a very misleading label, as their internal politics have spiralled out of control and are now a threat to the entire world. @Slavyangrad

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Congresswoman from Georgia, U.S. is the Loser

The US dollar may cease to be a global currency as, even under heavy sanctions, Russia is showing the world that it can do without the US dollar and Washington’s friendship, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Congresswoman representing Georgia, said on Sunday.

“Two years ago <…> we were living in times of world peace. Today <…> we are now on the verge of world war. And the innocent victims are each nation’s people paying taxes to those in power. The US proxy war with Russia, in Ukraine (a non-NATO nation), benefits China the most,” she wrote on her Twitter account. “It’s draining our military resources, driving inflation, hurting world trade, & Americans don’t support it.”

“It could also result in the dollar no longer being the world’s currency. Because of our own arrogance and “fight to save democracy” in non-NATO Ukraine, heavily sanctioned Russia is proving to the world that they don’t need the US dollar or friendship to trade and thrive,” she emphasized.

Germany Being Set Up

by Finian Cunningham via Strategic-Culture

When the Leopard hulls are wheeled back with their turrets blown off, the political price for Berlin will become unbearable.

Germany is being played like a fiddle and the sound is a pathetic and plaintive one. Only days after Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Germany would not be supplying its Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine to fight against Russia, Berlin has done an embarrassing U-turn. The Leopards are coming.

Germany is to send “a company” of these fearsome battlefield weapons which amounts to about 14 of them, according to reports. What is more, Berlin is giving the proprietary authorization for other NATO members to also re-export the German-made tank to Ukraine.

Last Friday at a NATO-sponsored war summit at the U.S. Air Force Base in Ramstein, Germany, the Scholz government surprised many observers by resisting mounting calls from the United States and other NATO allies to release the Leopards. Scholz has been saying for months that he did not want to provoke Russia into an escalation of hostilities by such a move. How many times has he said that regarding other German weapons only to buckle and cave in?

Immediately after the Ramstein meeting, the pressure on Berlin was ratcheted up. The U.S., Britain, Poland and the Baltic states castigated and shamed Germany for showing cowardice. Warsaw taunted that it would send some of its Leopards regardless of Berlin’s say-so, thereby snubbing the German protocol that as the manufacturer of the tank it must authorize any re-export of the weapon.

The clincher move came from Washington. The Biden administration said it would send its M1 Abrams main battle tanks after previously saying it would not owing to logistical impracticalities. That surprise move pulled the stops from under Berlin’s public position that it would only supply the Leopards on condition that the U.S. would also send its tanks.

Here’s the thing though. U.S. President Joe Biden is ordering the supply of 30 Abrams but it will take months or even up to a year before the American tanks become operational in the war. This is because the Abrams is a bigger beast requiring more training of tank crews. Whereas the German Leopards are good to go.

Washington is no doubt pulling a fast one on Berlin. The Americans are daring the Germans to send their prime tanks to the front knowing that their own lumbering, gas-guzzling behemoths will be leading from the rear.

The whole sordid spectacle of Berlin’s U-turn from brow-beating and hectoring by Poland and the Baltic minions speaks of German humiliation. It does make you wonder what kind of blackmail material the Western intelligence agencies have on Scholz and his government for such a cringe-making capitulation.

History never repeats exactly. In 1941, when Nazi Germany crashed into the Soviet Union with its Panzer Tiger tanks it was the biggest land invasion in history under the steely, brutal leadership of the Third Reich. This time around, the tanks from Berlin are tokenism and under orders from a vacillating chancellor mocked even by his so-called allies as being a “liverwurst” (liver sausage).

It shows, however, that the German establishment is apprehensive about being set up in a dangerous political game by treacherous allies. Polls indicate that the German population is wary about escalating the war in Ukraine against Russia. The bitter, shameful memory of World War Two and the German-led extermination across Europe in which up to 30 million Soviet citizens died is too much to bear. For Berlin to be now indulging the U.S.-led charade about “defending democracy” in an incorrigibly corrupt Ukrainian regime is risking huge political capital at a time of intensifying social and economic hardship for the German people, as in every other Western state.

Factions within the German establishment know that obeying American orders is a reckless, bad idea. Military commanders have warned against sending the Leopards. Business leaders are also against the insane destruction of bilateral relations with Russia. Yet other factions of the establishment are bending their knee to Washington. Is it blackmail or ideological weakness? Probably both. Germany is after all an occupied US military zone with 40,000 American troops and bases, rather than a sovereign nation.

The American imperial overlords want to break Europe into suzerainty under US capital. Germany is the traction point for this American subjugation of Europe. Obliterating geo-economic relations with Russia (and China) is a vital part of the plan. However, there is a catch: the German link is brittle.

The tokenism of sending the Leopards is gravely provocative to Russia, but it won’t make a difference to the outcome of the war in Ukraine. The Kiev regime has been goading NATO for at least 300 tanks in order to purportedly push back Russian forces. A few dozen tanks from Germany and other European allies won’t cut the mustard. Furthermore, tanks in isolation under the lack of air cover won’t have the impact that is unrealistically assumed.

The provocation will nevertheless not go unanswered by Russia. Moscow has warned that it will destroy any tanks arriving from Germany, Poland, or elsewhere before these machines even get off the rail tracks and anywhere near the front line. With Russia’s air power and precision missiles, such a threat is not idle.

When the Leopard hulls are wheeled back with their turrets blown off along with incinerated corpses, the political price for Berlin will become unbearable. The squabbling among NATO minions will then go from simmering to boiling point. And the tracks will come off the NATO war machine.

The Kiev regime is shooting foot soldiers who refuse to obey orders to advance against superior Russian firepower on the battlefield. Washington’s demands on Berlin are tantamount to the same self-defeating coercion.

The US Wants Ukraine’s Titanium

This is one of the key reasons for West’s unconditional support for the Nazi regime.

Now, there is a nascent effort underway in the U.S. and allied nations to identify, develop, and utilize Ukraine’s vast resources of a key metal crucial for the development of the West’s most advanced military technology which will form the backbone of future deterrence against Russia and China.

Titanium is a lightweight yet strong metal used extensively in advanced military applications like fighter jets, helicopters, naval ships, tanks, long-range missiles, and many others.The U.S. still imports more than 90 percent of its iron ore, and not all from friendly nations.The U.S. no longer holds titanium sponge in its National Defense Stockpile, and the last domestic producer of titanium sponge closed down in 2020.

If Ukraine wins, the U.S. and its allies will be in pole position to cultivate a new conduit of titanium. But if Russia manages to seize the country’s deposits and plants, Moscow will boost its global influence over increasingly strategic resource.

Ukraine is one of only seven nations producing titanium sponge, the basis for titanium metal. China and Russia—America’s most prominent strategic rivals—are among this select group.

Western dependence on Russian titanium means the metal has so far escaped the sanctions campaign launched against Moscow by the U.S.

A source told Newsweek that titanium “is a key vulnerability.”

“We’re talking about our ability to produce more planes, we’re talking about our ability to produce munitions. They all rely on titanium, and we’ve allowed ourselves to grow reliant on foreign suppliers for these things. Russia has previously been one of those primary suppliers.”

Last year’s annual defense-spending bill ordered the State Department to investigate “feasibility of utilizing titanium sources from Ukraine as a potential alternative to Chinese and Russian sources.”

“Ukraine has really significant deposits of rare earth minerals, and if we play our cards right could actually be a really attractive alternative to Russian and Chinese sources, which is where a lot of dependency currently is,” writes the Newsweek.

“As there are increasing debates throughout the West about why it’s in our interest to keep supporting Ukraine, I think this is one of the arguments that you’re going to start hearing more.” the source said.

As West, Debt, & Stocks Implode; East, Gold, & Oil Explode

by Authored by Egon von Greyerz via,

“The risk of over-tightening by the European Central Bank is nothing less than catastrophic” says Prof Kenneth Rogoff .

At Davos he also said: “Italy is extremely vulnerable. But this could pop anywhere. Global debt has gone up massively since the pandemic: public debt, corporate debt, everything.”

Rogoff believes that it is a miracle that the world averted a financial crisis in 2022, but the odds of a major accident are shortening as the delayed effects of past tightening feed through.

As Rogoff said: “We were very fortunate that we didn’t have a global systemic event in 2022, and we can count our blessings for that, but rates are still going higher and the risk keeps rising.”

But lurking in the murkiness is also the global financial assets/liabilities which is almost $500 trillion including the shadow banking system at 46% of the total. The shadow banking sector includes pension funds, hedge funds and other financial institutions which are largely unregulated.

Shadow banking is not subject to the normal mark-to-market rules. Thus no one knows what the real position or losses are. This means that central banks are in the dark when it comes to evaluation of the real risks of the system.

Clearly, I am not the only one harping on about the catastrophic global debt/liability situation.

And no one knows the extent of total global derivatives. But if they have grown in line with debt and also with the shadow banking system, they could easily be in excess of $3 quadrillion.

Cultures don’t die overnight, but the US has been in decline since at least the Vietnam war in the 1960s. Interestingly, the US has not had a real Budget surplus since the early 1930s with a handful of years of exception.

But when you, like the US, live on borrowed time and borrowed money, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up appearances. In 1971, the pressures on the US economy and currency became too great. Thus Nixon closed the Gold Window with the dollar having lost over 98% in real terms since then. This is of course a total catastrophe and a guarantee that the remaining 2% fall to ZERO will come in the near term future, whether it takes 5 or 10 years for the dollar to reach oblivion. Remember that the final 2% is 100% from today!

The US, EU and Japan have now reached the stage when no one wants their debt. So sovereign debt of these nations is no longer a question of “passing the parcel” but keeping the parcel. When every third party holder of these debts is a seller, who will buy?

These three countries will end up holding their own debt. Japan already holds over 50% of its debt. Before the Western Ponzi scheme comes to an end, these three nations will virtually hold 100% of their own debt. At that point, the bonds will be worthless and interest rates will have reached infinity. Not a pretty prospect!


The final phase of all empires always includes excessive deficits and debts, inflation, a collapsing currency, decadence and war. And the US qualifies perfectly in all those categories.

Ernest Hemingway stated it superbly:
The first panacea of a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war.
Both bring temporary prosperity;
both bring a permanent ruin.
But both are the refuge of political
and economic opportunists.

The US has failed in every war since the Vietnam war, including the Yugoslav Wars, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya. The results have been massive casualties and destruction of the countries, often leading to economic misery, anarchy and terrorism.

The Ukrainian war is not between Ukraine and Russia but between the US and Russia as I discussed in a previous article (Link). The clear proof that there is no desire for peace from the US is that they are sending money and weapons to Ukraine in the $100s of billions and “encouraging” an increasingly suffering Europe to do the same. But they are not sending any peace negotiators to Russia in an attempt to end the war. This is very ominous.

The geopolitical situation is now on a knife edge with two major nuclear powers fighting about a relatively insignificant country. This is how major wars normally start.

Let us hope that the current conflict does not lead to a major nuclear war since that would be the end of the world. Thus not worth to speculate about the outcome of this high risk scenario.

But the economic war and the collapse of the US dominated financial system is not just inevitable but also catastrophic for the Western economies.


As the hegemony of the US is coming to an end, the dominance of the decadent West is moving quickly to the East and South. Commodity based countries like the enlarged BRICS will dominate for the next few decades and probably longer. Oil and gas will form the base of this shift but also many other commodities including gold which is now starting a new era.

It is likely that 2023 will be the first year of many when we will see a strong rise in gold just like 2000 – 2011 which saw a 7.5X gain.

The end of the Western debt based cycle and the rise of the Eastern and Southern commodity cycle is well illustrated in the graph below


The S&P Commodity Index relative to Stocks has recently made a 50 year low. Just to return to the mean, the index would need to go up 4X. But when long term cycles turn up from a historical low, they tend to trend higher and longer than anyone expects. So a move past the 1990 high of 9 is very likely. This would mean that commodities, and especially oil and gold, relative to stocks would move up more than 9X!

This 9X move would obviously involve a combination of falling stocks and rising commodity prices.

The expected move of the index confirms the shift from the West, based on an unsound and debt infested system, to the East & South, based on commodities.

Much of this move is based on the fossil fuels of the countries involved – to the chagrin of the climate movement zealots.

In today’s woke world, there is a tendency to believe that we can change all the laws of nature and science. This is the case both in the economy and climate. Bankers and governments are confident that they can create permanent prosperity by printing worthless pieces of paper believing that these represent real and lasting value and wealth.

Well surprise, surprise, these people will soon have the shock of a lifetime as all that printed money returns to its intrinsic value of ZERO.

A debt based economy eventually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The higher the debt, the more the debt needs to grow in a never ending vicious circle. In the end the debt cycle becomes a perpetual motion Ponzi scheme……. UNTIL IT ALL CRASHES!

The debt feeds on itself and the more that is issued, the more needs to be issued. As inflation rises, the escalating interest cost on the debt leads to more debt. Next is defaults, both private and foreign. Then the $2-3 quadrillion derivatives, a great part of which is in the shadow banking system, comes under pressure. This leads to massive further debt creation by the Fed and other central banks, desperately trying to save the system.

This will eventually lead to what von Mises called: “…. a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.”

But remember that we are here talking about the Western financial system. The economic sun in the East will rise strongly and eventually be the guiding light for the world economy.

The debt based US and West will to quote Hemingway decline “first gradually and then suddenly.” So due to the $2+ quadrillion size of the problem, the biggest part of the decline is unlikely to take more than 10 years and it could be a lot faster, especially at the end.

But the climate zealots

will have to wait to 2050 to learn that through their actions they didn’t manage to limit the increase in temperature to 1.5 degrees. But with a lot of luck, climate cycles might be on their side and make the weather much colder.

Personally I believe that cycles determine the climate and not humans.

The climate cycle graph below covering 11,000 years shows that there has been numerous periods with warmer temperatures than currently. At the peak of the Roman Empire 2000 years ago, Rome had a tropical climate.

Fossil fuels produce 83% of the world’s energy today. According to forecasts this percentage is unlikely to come down significantly in the next 50 years.

Partly due to the increased cost of producing energy, fossil fuel production will fall by 26% by 2048. Increases in nuclear and renewables will not compensate for this decline.

If the world stops using fossil fuels, the world economy would totally collapse. Sadly the climate activist movement does not seem to worry about such disastrous consequences.

So it seems fairly clear that for a very long time, the world will be dependent on fossil fuels in order for the economy and population not to collapse.

For the above reasons, the commodity based countries will soon dominate the world and that for a very long time.

The constellations of commodity rich nations are forming rapidly.

Firstly we have the BRICS countries which currently consist of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Many countries are in the process of joining BRICS including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Algeria, Argentina and Turkey.

It is the enlarged BRICS aim to bypass the dollar and create their own trading currency.

Many talk about the Petroyuan replacing the Petrodollar but what would everyone do with the Chinese currency since it isn’t freely convertible. Better then to have a currency linked to several commodity countries like Special Drawing Rights. This would create more stability and usability. The Credit Suisse analyst Pozsar calls this Bretton Woods III.

There is also the EAEU or Eurasia Economic Union with Russia leading plus China, India, Iran, Turkey and UAE involved.

The SCO – the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation headquartered in China is also an important force. The SCO is a political, economic, international security and defence organisation. It includes many Eurasian nations like China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan etc.

All the economies involved in this important development are commodity based. For example, commodities are 30% of Russian GDP. Their target is to expand gold mining to 3% of GDP and become the biggest gold producer in the world.

Russia has the world’s largest commodity reserves at $75 trillion and produces 11 million barrels of oil per day. Russian friendly provinces produce another 14M totalling 25M. China produces 5m barrels and the Middle East Oil going through the Strait of Hormuz is 22M barrels. So in a conflict with the US, Russia, China and Iran could decide to close the Strait of Hormuz which means they would have control over 50% of global oil supply. As Goldman Sachs has stated, oil would then be in the $1000s.

If we take Russia, Iran and Venezuela, they control 40% of the global oil supply.

The point I am making is that these various constellations of commodity countries will be the dominant economic power of the future as the US and Europe decline.

So for Russia, gold and oil are two strategic commodities which will play an important role not just for Russia but for all of these Eastern/Southern countries.

And no one should believe that the US and European sanctions are working. Russia and Iran are selling oil and gas to China at a discount. China then exports this, including refined products, to Europe at premium.

So the sanctions are a farce which totally kills the European economy.

Interestingly, the relationship between yellow gold and black gold has been stable for decades as this chart shows:

GOLD / OIL RATIO 1950 – 2023


Gold was the best performing asset class in 2022 but the investment world didn’t notice since it is hanging on to the declining bubble assets of stocks, bonds and property.

Let’s look at gold’s performance in various currencies in 2022:

The chart shows gold up 15% against Swedish Kroner on the right and for example up 11.6% in pounds, 6% in Euros and virtually unchanged in US$.

Bearing in mind that most asset markets, including bonds, have fallen by 20-30%, this is an outstanding performance by gold.

But no one must believe that gold is going up. All gold does it to reflect the total mismanagement of most economies. The chart above should be turned upside down to reflect the loss of purchasing power of all paper money.

As has been the case since 1971, this trend of falling currencies will continue but not at the same steady pace.

With the debt infested Western economies collapsing, their currencies will implode one after the other.

So please firstly acquire as much physical gold as you can afford and then some more.

And when you own your gold, don’t measure the value in collapsing currencies. Just measure your gold in ounces, kilos or grammes.

Also please don’t keep it in the country where you live, especially if that country has a tendency to grab assets. I don’t need to tell you which countries you can’t trust. The problem is, there are not many you can trust.


Also if you store your gold with a gold custodian, ensure that only you can release it by having the Warehouse Receipt in your name. A custodian gold company disappeared last year with the major customer assets in spite of the gold being stored with a major vault company. The weakness was that the gold company could release the gold without the client’s approval. This is not an acceptable way to store your wealth preservation asset.

Finally remember that gold is not just your most important wealth preservation asset but can also be beautiful.


About the Tanks to be Delivered to Ukraine

Andrey Rudenko @RtrDonetsk

These slightly more than 300 tanks that will hit the battlefield in Ukraine within a year are not to reinforce existing armored groups, but to restore their combat effectiveness by replacing destroyed equipment with newly arrived examples of Western engineering.

The hunger of the AFU for equipment during these months is enormous. Our military has knocked out practically all domestically produced tanks and armored vehicles. To replenish the Kiev regime’s army, the West collected Soviet-made tanks from all over the world. Echelons of them were sent to Ukraine, but the Ukrainians apparently have none left either.

But in addition to the equipment, the crews who operate it have also been destroyed. To train the same number of crews for 300 tanks would take at least half a year because modern tanks are stuffed with all kinds of electronics, especially imported ones. Of course, it is possible that the crews began to be trained much earlier, and the whole epic with the “supply” or “non-supply” is purely theatrical.

At that, no one will supply the Ukrainians with the whole amount at once, because they do not have it. That is why this aid will be stretched out for a year, maybe even for years. At the same time, one destroyed batch will replace the second one.

So there can be no question of any advantage in the combat zone with the arrival of these tanks. All this equipment will be used to “maintain the trousers” of the AFU. The West gives them just enough to enable them to conduct defensive operations with the possibility of counterattacks. The task of the “partners” is not to extinguish this conflict for as long as possible. Because the Ukrainians are the same Russians as the Russians, and the more people die on both sides, the better.

Meanwhile, according to @Politnavigator:

Two huge “cauldrons” are being prepared in the Donbass: The Russian Armed Forces are trying to divide and cut off the AFU group in the Donbass in order to arrange a large encirclement for the enemy, — military expert Konstantin Sivkov.

“Today we are observing two offensive points. One is in a fairly narrow strip from Opytnoye to Soledar. Both of these settlements have been taken; we are already moving on to the capture of Artemovsk and into operational space.

After the capture of Artemovsk, there are no fortifications until Kramatorsk and Slavyansk. That is, by attacking the enemy head-on, we broke through two strips of defense and cut them into two parts—the northern and the southern. “The logic of military operations suggests that one of these parts, or both of them at once, should be surrounded and destroyed,” said Sivkov.

According to him, the Russian army is also expected to break through in the southern direction, which threatens the AFU with a very large encirclement and defeat.

But then, here is what Medvedev has to say:

Defending Ukraine will not save decrepit Old Western world from retribution, and if WW3 starts it will not be fought using tanks or fighter jets, everything will be in shambles – Deputy Chairman of Russian Security Council Medvedev.

The Thought Police at its Most Lunatic

French men dressed in traditional onion-seller costume, 2018

The Associated Press has apologized and deleted a tweet advising journalists that ‘the French’ is a term to be avoided along with ‘the mentally ill’ and ‘the disabled’. The agency’s advice was ridiculed online, including by France’s Embassy in Washington.

The Associated Press’ stylebook is considered one of the most authoritative guides on the use of the English language for journalists, and its 2022 edition comes in at a whopping 640 pages of rules on capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and jargon.

The stylebook is constantly updated, with AP regularly issuing new advice via Twitter. In a now-deleted tweet posted on Thursday, the agency stated “We recommend avoiding general and often dehumanizing ‘the’ labels such as the poor, the mentally ill, the French, the disabled, the college-educated. Instead, use wording such as people with mental illnesses. And use these descriptions only when clearly relevant.”

The inclusion of ‘the French’ on the list caused a stir. Writer Sarah Haider joked that there is “nothing as dehumanizing as being considered one of the French. Rather, such individuals should be thought of as ‘suffering from Frenchness’ and deserve our compassion and prayers.”

The French Embassy in the US suggested that it would change its name to the “Embassy of Frenchness in the US.”

AP announced on Friday that it had deleted its tweet “because of an inappropriate reference to French people.” However, the agency reiterated its earlier advice on “avoiding general ‘the’ labels such as the poor, the mentally ill, the wealthy, the disabled, the college-educated.”

The AP’s aversion to the word ‘the’ is not the only piece of language advice to make the news in recent weeks. The University of Southern California’s School of Social Work announced earlier this month that it would remove the word ‘field’ (in the context of ‘conducting field work’) from its curriculum due to the fact that slaves and low-paid immigrants mainly worked in fields.

A NATO Assessment of Ukrainian Army’s Condition

A NATO command post undertook an analysis of the state of Ukranian forces following 11 months of war.

One of the important conclusions reached is that the quality of Ukranian complements continues to fall.

The primary reason is due to high losses of personnel suffered from the period of March to September.

Particularly experienced and prepared troops of the infantry, airborne, and Spetsnaz forces were practically destroyed.

In March their professional forces (that is, men who have served for at least a year) in infantry brigades made up approximately half of the unit, while if accounting mobilized personnel with any battle experience in Donbass or simply any experience in the armed forces, it rises to about 65%.

By august, the professional core dropped to a remaining composition of about 20% of the total, and that of mobilized with experience to about 35%.

Going into December, there remain only 15-20% of infantry tempered in battle, and of those, almost only remnants of mobilized forces which experienced some combat.

Remnants of experienced professional core troops had fallen to 10% of unit composition, of which in turn that number primarily consists of those who had prior service in the Soviet armed forces

In 11 months, some infantry Brigades have been reformed three times over (rotating out and replenshing personnel after suffering up to 50% losses), and today the professional core remnants are preserved by operating in command and control units behind the immediate line of contact.

Today the front soldiers are now a rotational force, constantly supplemented with rookies, and this brings about a marked decline in morale in vanguard troops.

If in Spring hyper-motivated troops made up 70% of a unit, now it is safe to say that such men compose no more than a quarter of a unit. Even in the official Corps, no more than half.

Because of this, the amount of men in mobilized waves who choose to go willingly to war when called was about 1 in 10, including from called up reservists and Officer Corps.

They both have a shared apathy, no longer believing in a Ukrainian victory and experiencing a bloody fear.

The number of men hiding from mobilization is enormous.

The situation in armored cavlary forces is somewhat different. Tank forces have preserved some 40% of their core personnel, artillery up to 65%, but even here high losses have had their effects. Motivation here has also significantly fallen.

A large portion of extant forces in these units are motivated by vengeance for dead friends, and are often named “trade corruptionists”.

As such, primary factors in such cases remain faith in help and support. Deliveries of foreign technical equipment (heavy armor) and weapons reinforce the hopes that, with support from Western nations, the UF will be able to route the “Russian army”.

But in the last two months, due to RF re-taking intiative and UF experiencing poor fortunes on the fronts, a shared consensus has arisen that soon NATO itself will step into the war directly, and that this factor will make or break the war

Other than the sharp fall of professionalism and motivation, NATO specialists observe serious problems in education of the populace. For two months, half of the mobilized forces with no prior military service have simply been impossible to train due to lack of education, skills, and discipline. As such a large part of these forces are deployed to the front with only the most basic of preparation and suffer extraordinary losses in the face of intense battles.

The more qualified ones are trained by the alliance, up to about 3,000 men per month, but this is clearly insufficient to replace losses.

Therefore right now, all commanding elements of Ukraine and NATO are at a loss as to how to form new assault Corps, in which consolidation of new heavy armor, artillery, and training of personnel must take place with existing personnel at hand.

It is specifically these forces that in Spring must become the primary armed forces of the UF in order destroy RF forces in the Cherson front.

Marauding and Plundering as State Policy

Sergey Zergulio Kolyasnikov @SergeyKolyasnikov writes : via RT

We live in interesting times. One by one, the masks are cracking. And now U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland is happily announcing that the U.S. administration is gratified to know that the Nord Stream 2 is a pile of metal at the bottom of the sea.

And former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that the Normandy format, which was created to peacefully resolve the conflict in southeast Ukraine, was a “diplomatic imitation.” The same one that resulted in the February 12, 2015 negotiations that produced the Minsk agreements.

We are not accustomed to states’ endorsement of terrorist methods. We do remember how, when Hillary Clinton was US Secretary of State in October 2011, she celebrated the assassination of the head of sovereign Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, and laughed on camera: “Come and see: he’s dead.”

Incidentally, Qassem Suleimani, commander of the Iranian Special Forces Al-Quds of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, was killed on January 3, 2020, in a missile strike ordered by… American President Donald Trump.

Later, in September 2020, U.S. President Donald Trump said on Fox News that he was ready to eliminate Assad, but Pentagon chief Mattis was against it: “I would have preferred to remove Assad.” Everything was in place for that. Mattis wasn’t willing to do that. “Mattis was a highly overrated general.” Even at the time of the interview, Trump regretted that the Syrian president could not be killed.

Why does the U.S. need these wanton assassinations and terrorist attacks? for profit and plunder. In January 2022, a giant convoy of gas tankers carrying stolen oil was spotted in Syria near the border with Iraq. In August 2022, 137 tankers of oil were removed by the U.S. military from Kurdish-held territories in northeastern Syria.

These are just the cases that hit the media. According to the Syrian government, in the first half of 2022, more than 80% of the country’s daily oil production was smuggled out by the US military.

And today, Russia is one of the few countries confronting U.S. terrorism. In August 2022, Vladimir Putin said that U.S. dominance in world politics was on the wane. That American hegemony means stagnation for the rest of the world, for all of civilization, “obscurantism and the abolition of culture.”

Herein lies the fear and hatred of the U.S. towards Russia. After all, “Russia has a nasty habit of actually doing what it says!” as Lieutenant General Mikael Klasson, Chief of Staff of the Swedish Armed Forces, said.