Is Korean Scenario Possible in Ukraine?

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As an option to stop the war, Ukraine is being offered the “Korean scenario,” said Alexei Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

(This scenario includes the division of territories without signing a peace treaty and a political settlement, but with the actual cessation of the war, as happened with North and South Korea, which were divided along the 38th parallel).

“We are now being offered the Korean version. The so-called conditional “38th parallel”. Here are such Ukrainians, and here they are not such Ukrainians. Russians will now invent anything. I know for sure that one of the options that they can offer us is 38 parallel,” Danilov said live on air of the telethon program.

He reiterated recent claims that Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Kozak is now negotiating this in Europe.

According to Danilov, Kozak “goes to meetings with politicians of the past in Europe and conveys messages through them that they (the Russians – Ed.) are ready for many concessions in order to fix the status quo that exists from today and force us to reach some kind of truce.”

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John Mills
John Mills
8 months ago

Maybe or more likely Zelensky’s (or his handlers) trumpeted ‘Big Israel’ in Europe outcome.