“I Am a Climate Denier”

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by ABC

“Climate denier” – nice way to avoid actual discussion. How about some actual info?

Precision research by physicists William Happer and William van Wijngaarden has determined that the present levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide and water vapor are almost completely saturated. In radiation physics the technical term “saturated” implies that adding more molecules will not cause more warming.



This means that approximately 100% of infrared radiation is already trapped and the CO2 concentration can double or triple or whatever and it simply cant capture more than 100%.

CO2 is an ESSENTIAL plant nutrient. What about the 1700ppm level during the Cretaceous period when the Earth was more green and supportive of life than it perhaps has ever been.


It is very interesting that ions are formed by cosmic / galactic radiation interacting with the atmosphere; like in a cloud chamber. These ions are condensation nuclei for clouds and the clouds are reflectors of solar heat and thereby generate a cooling effect via higher albedo. So, when the Sun is less magnetically active the Earth is not sheathed by solar wind in the same way whereby charged cosmic radiation particles are magnetically trapped and routed, by the Van Allen Belts and such, and then grounded largely at the poles as we observe with auroras.

When the Sun is less active, the charged particles get through, more cloud cover forms, and the Earth experiences ice ages; one of which we are currently in the interglacial period of.


The hypothesis in a nutshellCosmic rays, high-energy particles raining down from exploded stars, knock electrons out of air molecules. This produces ions, that is, positive and negative molecules in the atmosphere.

The ions help aerosols — clusters of mainly sulphuric acid and water molecules — to form and become stable against evaporation. This process is called nucleation. The small aerosols need to grow nearly a million times in mass in order to have an effect on clouds.

The second role of ions is that they accelerate the growth of the small aerosols into cloud condensation nuclei — seeds on which liquid water droplets form to make clouds. The more ions the more aerosols become cloud condensation nuclei. It is this second property of ions which is the new result published in Nature Communications.

Low clouds made with liquid water droplets cool the Earth’s surface.

Variations in the Sun’s magnetic activity alter the influx of cosmic rays to the Earth.

When the Sun is lazy, magnetically speaking, there are more cosmic rays and more low clouds, and the world is cooler.

When the Sun is active fewer cosmic rays reach the Earth and, with fewer low clouds, the world warms up.


Interestingly, with regard to air pollution, for many years low-sulfur diesel has been promoted and mandated; especially for shipping. Sulfur ions are particularly good at forming condensation nuclei. Now with less sulfur in the atmosphere – and someones getting paid for it – I have read Bill Gates has a project to add sulfur back to the atmosphere – and get paid for it – to make more clouds in Africa / etc,…

So, maybe the people you label as climate deniers are the ones actually caring, discerning, and paying attention – since they are not promoting a new market, financialization opportunity, industry or false moral high-ground.

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