Aid to “Ukraine,” How Much is Too Much?

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The volume of Western military aid to Ukraine since the start of the special operation is almost equal to the defense budget of the Russian Federation.

Foreign countries and international organizations have provided aid to Kiev totaling more than $150.8 billion since the start of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. Almost one third, $48.5 billion, went to Ukrainian military needs, according to calculations by many agencies based on official statements by the authorities of donor states and media data.

Thus, the total volume of Western aid to Ukraine since the beginning of the special operation exceeded Ukraine’s budget for 2022 ($55.5 billion) by $95.3 billion(almost 2.7-2.8 times) And military aid to Kiev alone already accounts for about 95% of Russia’s defense spending last year ($51.1bn).

But one cannot say a word of truth about the Ukrainians invading Europe.

Scandal in Switzerland. The head of the department of social services and health of the Swiss canton of Lucerne, Guido Graf, is accused of racism because of Ukrainian refugees, and he himself continues to stick to his statements, despite the condemnation.

Graf said that Ukrainian refugees in some cases behave more demandingly than other repatriates, and “first wave refugees” are often not the most needy people, writes Luzerner Zeitung.

In an interview with Blick, he also reproached the refugees for driving SUVs around Switzerland while receiving social assistance.

After that, Graf began to be accused of racism.

The director of health, however, did not retract his words, according to the Luzerner Zeitung, he said that the refugees even demanded Botox injections as part of the medical provision.

Meanwhile. . . .

Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov believes that no more than 15 percent of the Western arms supplied to Ukraine will reach the air defense zone.

The head of Chechnya called Western aid to Ukraine a money-laundering scheme. Kadyrov stressed that he is convinced that he is right and believes that all the huge Western military supplies to Ukraine are only the result of a trivial money-laundering fraud scheme.

“I see that some people are watching because of foreign aid in Ukraine. Don’t worry! This is a working money laundering scheme by Ukraine’s Western officials and no more than 15% of the total support reaches the trenches.”

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