Epic Footage of the War

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Extremely rare and epic footage of the assault on Ukrainian positions in the Kreminna region

A Russian soldier attacked a trench with Ukrainian soldiers, went to their position, and tried to force them to surrender. However, the Ukrainian soldiers, either from fear or stupidity ,did not understand who was in front of them or what to do and tried to convince the Russian soldier that they were “his own”,(They probably thought that the Russian soldier is a Ukrainian soldier,may be these Ukrainians were in shock) and they refused to drop their weapons.

Risking his life, the fighter tried to take the machine gun from the enemy, but he could not, and in the process of a scuffle, he destroyed the Ukrainian soldiers who continued to resist and refused to surrender.

Apparently one of the Ukrainians who met their tragic end was a popular Nationalist blogger, Vitaly Milevsky.  He liked to make videos about how they were “fun’ up the Russians”, but it didn’t ended up well for him.


“War causes immense psychological damage to soldiers, who may return from war without a physical scratch yet be ruined as human beings. Tormented by an inextinguishable internal Hell, they may struggle to adjust to “normal” life. They may suffer from constant rage or anxiety, and be prone to substance abuse, nightmares and more. This is known as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Psychologists who study war-related PTSD say not only combat veterans can suffer from its consequences. Frequent exposure to images of extreme violence such as combat footage can have serious psychological effects, similar to those resulting from combat.”

“A helmet-mounted camera shows a Russian soldier’s view as he grenades, then storms an AFU defensive pit. There, he confronts 2 injured Ukrainian soldiers, shooting them dead at point blank range after a brief attempt to take them prisoner. The video is explicit and horrifying. Most reviews of the video focus on analysis of fault; attempting to justify (or condemn) the actions of the Russian soldier, or conversely the dead AFU troops. Others provide a doctrinal critique of the Russian’s infantry skills and discipline. People want to nit-pick the video, draw conclusions aligned with their preferred narrative, and move on. Along the way, the pure horror in the clip is forgotten.”

“..thanks to the released footage, this isolated horror will be witnessed by thousands. Including perhaps your neighbour’s teenage child.  Including friends and family of the deceased men. Including the type of people who seek out violent content as entertainment. War is Hell, and we are all in it.”


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