“They want to turn Russia into Muscovy.” Nikolay Patrushev

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What actions of the West are Moscow preparing for and what policy can be countered? This was aif.ru told by the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev .

Turbulent environment

Vitaly Tseplyaev, aif.ru: Nikolai Platonovich, how do you assess the situation in the world that has developed by the beginning of the coming year?

Nikolai Patrushev : The situation in the world is extremely complicated and has a turbulent character. Many countries of different regions are simultaneously in a military-political, economic, social and spiritual crisis. Let’s hope that this year there will be positive changes.

  • You once said that the leadership of Western countries does nothing to improve the situation not only in the world, but even in their own countries. Can you explain what you’re talking about?

Western politicians do not have the strength and opportunity to change life in their states for the better, since they have not been independent figures for a long time. Everyone has connections with big business, lobbyists, foundations. They don’t even hide these facts. There are very recent examples. As it turned out, dozens of deputies of the European Parliament were controlled by the structures of JS Miller. Soros, and the European Commission, at the behest of one of the world’s largest American pharmaceutical companies, has created a number of corruption schemes for the purchase of vaccines worth tens of billions of euros. Clearly, the real power in the West lies in the hands of resourced clans and transnational corporations.

  • Aren’t you referring to rockefellers and Rothschilds?

  • In fact, there are many more such corporations and clans. Thus, the total income of the 500 largest companies in the world, according to unofficial data, reached almost $ 38 trillion in 2021. The bulk of multinational companies are corporations headquartered in the United States. Their revenues brought about 16 trillion dollars with a net profit of 1.8 trillion.

The capital of a number of transnational companies exceeds the GDP of most of the world’s economies, and the funds created by them for further enrichment claim to be a supranational mechanism for managing humanity. The same Soros Foundation has become almost the main world center for planning and implementing “color revolutions.”

Two actors in one play

  • Do you want to say that even the US authorities do not pursue an independent policy?

In fact, the American state is only a shell for a conglomerate of huge corporations that rule the country and try to rule the world. For TNCs, even US presidents are just extras who can cover their mouths like Trump . All four assassinations of American leaders are linked to a corporate trail. It is no coincidence that a growing number of Americans claim that Republicans and Democrats are just two actors in the same play, which has nothing to do with democracy.

The American authorities, fused with big business, serve the interests of transnational corporations, including the military-industrial complex. The assertive foreign policy of the White House, the unbridled aggressiveness of NATO, the emergence of the AUCUS military bloc and others are also a consequence of corporate influence. The draft US budget for 2023 is the best proof of Washington’s plans to unleash new wars to the detriment of the well-being of its own citizens. Of the total planned federal government spending of $1.7 trillion, half is allocated to defense — more than $850 billion. Only for the continuation of hostilities in Ukraine and the prolongation of the conflict, it is planned to allocate $45 billion.

This is despite the fact that the United States itself and its henchmen are irrevocably sliding into a debt pit. For Americans, the national debt has reached more than thirty-one trillion dollars. England’s debt – 2.4 trillion pounds – was the highest since the Second World War and exceeded 101% of gross domestic product. The world record for the ratio of debt to GDP – more than 2.6 times – was set by Japan with a national debt of almost ten trillion dollars. But the countries that consider themselves the masters of the world are not going to be able to repay these debts.

Earlier, the West had prospered and achieved world domination through colonial conquests. This is how transnational companies behave today, preferring to increase their capital by pumping resources from other countries. At the same time, they use the system of dumbing down the masses to impose on the population of the planet the idea of ​​certain rules that they themselves invented and which do not comply with international law.

— So you really believe that when carrying out activities in various countries of the world, TNCs seriously affect local political and socio-economic processes?

  • Right. On the one hand, through foreign direct investment, they introduce new technologies and increase labor productivity. Only that the population cannot take advantage of these results, since companies always displace the local producer, becoming monopolists. By withdrawing the main volumes of profits from abroad, they deprive countries of the opportunity to increase their national welfare.

To solve this problem, national legal regulation is not enough. The current international legal regulation of the economic activities of TNCs is formed in the interests of the corporations themselves and with their direct participation. Its change in favor of the national interests of countries is torpedoed.

In the context of fundamental changes in the world, the goal of corporations is to preserve the system of global exploitation. At its head is the elite of businessmen who do not associate themselves with any state. Under it are the so-called developed countries of the world, as well as the “golden billion”. And then there is the rest of humanity, contemptuously referred to as the “third world.”

  • According to this logic, apparently, Russia is not provided with the most enviable place in this hierarchy.

  • In the West, there is no place for our country. Russia irritates a handful of world rulers by the fact that it has rich resources, a huge territory, intelligent and self-sufficient people who love their country, its traditions and history.

Transnational corporations are unnerved by Russia’s ideological and ideological divergence from countries under the control of Western capital. Corporations are aimed at enriching and developing the consumer society. Russia, on the other hand, defends a reasonable correlation between spiritual and moral values ​​and socio-economic development.

In this regard, Westerners seek to weaken our country, to dismember it, to destroy the Russian language and the Russian world. They have long worked out the technology of undermining their rivals from within and splitting them into small states. This was done before, when, for example, London at the end of the First World War collapsed empires and stamped dozens of countries out of them. That’s how they work today. A prime example is Yugoslavia. A state that had an independent voice in the international arena is divided into six.

What do the events in Ukraine mean?

  • At the end of December, the 100th anniversary of the formation of the USSR was celebrated. In your opinion, how did the collapse of the Union in 1991 affect the policy of the United States and its allies?

“He inspired them. In the space of the former Union, 15 new subjects of international law have emerged. Of course, none of them in terms of their level of influence can be compared with the USSR, with the exception of the Russian Federation, which, having retained its long-deserved international authority, is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, plays a crucial role in the world, defending national interests. Today, they still shout out loud that Russia should not remain united, it should be driven into the framework of Muscovy of the 15th century. To do this, they do not shy away from anything, including inventing a thoroughly false history of our country, shifting to it their responsibility for the oppression of other peoples, which Russia has never done.

The whole story with Ukraine was started in Washington in order to work out the technologies of demarcation and pitting a single people against each other. Millions of people are forbidden to speak their native language from birth. Russian language is forced to forget their origins. The West, for the sake of its ambitions, practically destroys the Ukrainian people, forcing the active generation to die on the battlefield and driving the rest of the population into poverty.

The events in Ukraine are not a clash between Moscow and Kiev, it is a military confrontation between NATO, and above all the United States and England, with Russia. Fearing direct contact, NATO instructors drive Ukrainian guys to certain death. With the help of a special military operation, Russia liberates its regions from occupation and must put an end to the bloody experiment of the West to destroy the fraternal Ukrainian people.

  • “But in the world, on the contrary, Russia is accused of seizing the territory of Ukraine, attacks on its infrastructure …

“We are not at war with Ukraine, because by definition we cannot have hatred for ordinary Ukrainians. Ukrainian traditions are close to the inhabitants of Russia, just as the heritage of the Russian people is inseparable from the culture of Ukrainians. Please note that in Crimea the Ukrainian language is preserved as one of the state languages. In many cities, Ukrainian cultural centers, ensembles of Ukrainian song and dance continue to operate. In the south of the Far East, given the large proportion of immigrants since the time of Stolypin, a significant number of residents consider their native culture as being that of the Ukrainian people.

And the sooner the citizens of Ukraine realize that the West is fighting against Russia with their hands, the more lives will be saved. Many have long realized this, but are afraid to declare it, fearing reprisals. It is not the West’s plan to save anyone’s life at the expense of its enrichment and other ambitions. At the same time, Americans, British and other Europeans often create the illusion that they are protecting civilization from barbarism.

  • Do you hint at the events in Afghanistan, where the United States declared a fight against terrorism, and then rather ingloriously left there?

  • Not only in Afghanistan, but also in other regions. They created terrorist organizations, such as al-Qaeda, the Taliban movement *, to achieve their goals, and they themselves then fight them. While arranging a demonstrative elimination of terrorist leaders, like Osama bin Laden, a hundred new ones were trained and armed.

The US presence in Afghanistan turned out not to be a fight against terrorism, but the creation of multimillion-dollar corruption schemes and a multiple increase in drug production. The sudden withdrawal of the Americans from this country, as it turned out, was largely due to focusing on Ukraine, where, according to their estimates, the preparation of the Kiev puppet regime for offensive anti-Russian actions was successful. By the way, this was confirmed by US Secretary of State Blinken, who said that if the US military had not left Afghanistan, Washington would not have been able to allocate so much money to Ukraine.In addition, part of the equipment removed from the Afghan land was transferred to Europe, mainly to Poland, allowing the Europeans to militarize the Kiev regime.

  • On February 24 last year, Russia called the goals of the SVO just the “demilitarization” and “denazification” of Ukraine. Are you still confident that these goals will be achieved?

“Neo-Nazi criminals who have been rampant in recent years in Ukraine will inevitably be punished. However, it is possible that the most odious will try to save their curators for use in other countries, including for organizing coups d’état and performing sabotage tasks.

Such a scheme was worked out during the defeat of Nazi Germany. After 1945, the Americans, the British and the West German authorities under their control reported on the denazification of their zone of occupation of Germany, while the Nazis rescued from punishment were used to create the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as an agent network of American and British intelligence, including for covert operations against the countries of the socialist camp.

The CIA, which until 1948 was called the Office of Strategic Services of the United States, actively used former employees of the Abwehr and the Reich Security Directorate of Hitler’s Reich to create new German special services.

In the postwar years, the Americans actively involved Nazi criminals in the development of new types of weapons, including weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery. The same applies to the use by the Americans and Japanese war criminals who developed and used chemical and bacteriological weapons.

“The potential of mankind is far from being exhausted”

  • Let’s return to the topic of the influence of transnational corporations on the policies of different countries. You claim that it is almost limitless. And what methods do you think there are in the arsenal of TNCs?

  • These methods are the most cynic. One of them is experiments with dangerous pathogens and viruses in military biological laboratories under the supervision of the Pentagon. Unceremoniously engage in the moral and ethical decay of society. The West has mastered the zombification of people with the help of mass propaganda, and now seeks to use cognitive weapons, influencing each person pointwise with the help of information technologies and methods of neuropsychology. It imposes neoliberal and other values, some of which are inherently directly opposite to human nature.They act consciously and do not hide in their circle that the LGBT agenda is a tool for gradually reducing the number of “extra people” who do not fit into the framework of the notorious “golden billion”. Yesterday, GMOs were advertised, not caring about what the health consequences of such products will have, and today they urge women not to have children in order to combat climate change. Overseas science proposes to evaluate people by the amount of carbon they leave behind. They measure and count humanity in the same way that Nazi scientists once measured skulls in search of criteria for separating “higher” and “lower races”.

  • It’s a pretty grim picture. As if the end of humanity is just around the corner…

The potential of mankind is far from exhausted. There are structures that are designed to influence this situation in a positive way. These are the UN and the UN Security Council. Such associations as the SCO, BRICS, ASEAN and others are becoming increasingly popular. However, the West is not interested in the effectiveness of their work. The Anglo-Saxons are obsessively trying to push the world community to the idea that these institutions have generally outlived their usefulness, and it is necessary to live by their invented rules. Those who disagree with their hegemony are labeled “rogue states,” “terrorist countries,” or states that pose a threat to national security.At the same time, Western countries do not notice that they themselves are gradually remaining in the minority, since the world is already tired of the strategy of force and threats they use.

Power in people

— How is the Russian leadership going to build its strategy taking into account the above problems?

“Our country is on the path of creating a strong, modern, independent economy in order to achieve economic sovereignty. Russia has all the resources for this. We need a culture of their use, a careful and masterly attitude to our treasures – not only natural, but also intangible.Russian business should be nationally oriented. Private capital, as well as the authorities, should think about the long-term development of the country.

Russia’s financial independence is important, as well as technological sovereignty. We have plenty of our own Lomonosov and Kulibin. The problem is to notice them in time. It is necessary not only to develop science and education, but to revive the real cult of the scientist, engineer, worker. The younger generation should be inspired by the ideas of creative work for the benefit of our Motherland, and not sit in the offices of Western corporations.

The invincible strength of Russia lies in our hardworking people, whose advantage lies, among other things, in different views on life, in their multinationality and multi-confessionality. It is important to understand that we have a unique and distinctive culture, that Russia is not Europe, not Asia and certainly not an “anti-West”. This, by the way, is our fundamental difference. For a Russian person, hatred, by definition, cannot be a unifying principle. Only Westerners, who openly call us adversaries, are full of hatred. But they need to be reminded of their unsuccessful military operations in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and other countries. In the context of the emergence of new military threats, it is important for us to have such armed and special services so that Russia’s opponents do not even think that they can fight with us.

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