How Dangerous are the “Bradleys”?

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What the Russians are saying:

No kidding.

In Russia, the opinion about the Bradley IFV was greatly influenced by the comedy “The Pentagon Wars”, in which corruption in the American army is scourged by the example of this project.

Indeed, the legendary long-term construction lasted 17 years, and $14 billion was spent on development, but in the end the United States still got still got a fairly serious combat vehicle. Although not without drawbacks, they are still of much higher class than what was supplied to Ukraine earlier.

The AFU will receive M2A2 ODS, an upgraded version based on the experience of the Gulf War, saturated with relatively modern electronics. By the way, during that very war, the Bradleys destroyed more Iraqi tanks than the famous Abrams. No matter how much the skeptics laugh at the “aluminum” armor of this IFV, it’s not so easy to punch a Bradley in the forehead from a 30-mm cannon of our BMP. The armored vehicle holds 14.5 caliber armor-piercing bullets from all sides, and the presence of dynamic protection ensures high chances of survival of the crew when fired upon from an RPG or ATGM.

The 25-mm M242 Bushmaster cannon is quite comparable to the domestic 30-mm 2A42 and 2A72 guns mounted on the BMP-2 and BMP-3, and 2 TOW-2 ATGMs can effectively resist tanks at a distance of up to 3.7 km. In addition, NATO information and control systems are integrated into the Bradley, and it can be not just a means of strengthening the infantry squad, but also serve as a kind of mini-headquarters.

Does this mean that the Americans have supplied the AFU with a “miracle weapon” that will change the course of the war? No! Bradley has many shortcomings and we have something to destroy this IFV with. The presence of dynamic protection does not guarantee the survival of the vehicle after a cumulative grenade hit from an RPG, and the side armor will not cope with the guns of our BMP. About what will happen to the Bradley when meeting with a tank shell, we will simply keep silent.

Russian military commanders and patriotic bloggers promise mountains of gold to whoever destroys the first Bradley, not because it is such a terrible enemy, but because it is priceless to show the world footage of burning modern American technology.

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1 year ago

The US largest Industrial Export is weapons and weapon systems.
in reality the US weapons industry is a con job, looting massive amounts of money from tax payers.