About the Tanks to be Delivered to Ukraine

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Andrey Rudenko @RtrDonetsk

These slightly more than 300 tanks that will hit the battlefield in Ukraine within a year are not to reinforce existing armored groups, but to restore their combat effectiveness by replacing destroyed equipment with newly arrived examples of Western engineering.

The hunger of the AFU for equipment during these months is enormous. Our military has knocked out practically all domestically produced tanks and armored vehicles. To replenish the Kiev regime’s army, the West collected Soviet-made tanks from all over the world. Echelons of them were sent to Ukraine, but the Ukrainians apparently have none left either.

But in addition to the equipment, the crews who operate it have also been destroyed. To train the same number of crews for 300 tanks would take at least half a year because modern tanks are stuffed with all kinds of electronics, especially imported ones. Of course, it is possible that the crews began to be trained much earlier, and the whole epic with the “supply” or “non-supply” is purely theatrical.

At that, no one will supply the Ukrainians with the whole amount at once, because they do not have it. That is why this aid will be stretched out for a year, maybe even for years. At the same time, one destroyed batch will replace the second one.

So there can be no question of any advantage in the combat zone with the arrival of these tanks. All this equipment will be used to “maintain the trousers” of the AFU. The West gives them just enough to enable them to conduct defensive operations with the possibility of counterattacks. The task of the “partners” is not to extinguish this conflict for as long as possible. Because the Ukrainians are the same Russians as the Russians, and the more people die on both sides, the better.

Meanwhile, according to @Politnavigator:

Two huge “cauldrons” are being prepared in the Donbass: The Russian Armed Forces are trying to divide and cut off the AFU group in the Donbass in order to arrange a large encirclement for the enemy, — military expert Konstantin Sivkov.

“Today we are observing two offensive points. One is in a fairly narrow strip from Opytnoye to Soledar. Both of these settlements have been taken; we are already moving on to the capture of Artemovsk and into operational space.

After the capture of Artemovsk, there are no fortifications until Kramatorsk and Slavyansk. That is, by attacking the enemy head-on, we broke through two strips of defense and cut them into two parts—the northern and the southern. “The logic of military operations suggests that one of these parts, or both of them at once, should be surrounded and destroyed,” said Sivkov.

According to him, the Russian army is also expected to break through in the southern direction, which threatens the AFU with a very large encirclement and defeat.

But then, here is what Medvedev has to say:

Defending Ukraine will not save decrepit Old Western world from retribution, and if WW3 starts it will not be fought using tanks or fighter jets, everything will be in shambles – Deputy Chairman of Russian Security Council Medvedev.

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