Marjorie Taylor Greene, Congresswoman from Georgia, U.S. is the Loser

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The US dollar may cease to be a global currency as, even under heavy sanctions, Russia is showing the world that it can do without the US dollar and Washington’s friendship, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Congresswoman representing Georgia, said on Sunday.

“Two years ago <…> we were living in times of world peace. Today <…> we are now on the verge of world war. And the innocent victims are each nation’s people paying taxes to those in power. The US proxy war with Russia, in Ukraine (a non-NATO nation), benefits China the most,” she wrote on her Twitter account. “It’s draining our military resources, driving inflation, hurting world trade, & Americans don’t support it.”

“It could also result in the dollar no longer being the world’s currency. Because of our own arrogance and “fight to save democracy” in non-NATO Ukraine, heavily sanctioned Russia is proving to the world that they don’t need the US dollar or friendship to trade and thrive,” she emphasized.

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Lara Runger
Lara Runger
8 months ago

I am wondering why MTG is referred to in the title as “loser”. Seems unrelated to the content so was it intended as an insult?

8 months ago
Reply to  Lara Runger

She means to say that the US is the loser.