Recent News on Israel vs Iran

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A comment on the situation regarding the attacks on Iran: Israel is most likely carrying out those unprovoked attacks on Iran out of a desire to hide embarrassment at not being able to contain the most recent stabbings and shootings.

Israeli politics are already usually a clown show, a banana country on steroids. The prime minister is proven to be corrupt, a turd you simply cannot flush: no matter what happens, power ends up in his hands.

To make it worse, the current parties that back him are the most extreme, mentally deranged fascist lunatics and that is saying a lot, considering competition on that in Israel is very high.

It is insulting, infuriating, that the same group of rich countries constantly attacking Russia supports Israel to the hilt, refusing to condemn even their most blatant and absurd crimes. Here we have them doing pretty much everything Russia is accused of, in fact, going even further, as not even the most rabid western commentators would claim that Russia started a war so the president’s popularity could rise.

Every time Netanyahu wants to take the focus away from his mistakes, people randomly die. Or when they have an election, which in Israel is every six months. Neocons usually defend Israel as the “only democracy of the middle east”, a very misleading label, as their internal politics have spiralled out of control and are now a threat to the entire world. @Slavyangrad

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8 months ago

Yes, for crimes against humanity they can indeed get the golden globe award, the Israelis.