20 Percent of Ukraine in Exchange for Peace

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Report: US president offered Putin 20 percent of Ukraine in exchange for peace in January.

According to NZZ, CIA chief William Burns reportedly presented the peace plan to Kyiv and Moscow in mid-January. But both sides refused. It is reported that only after the failure of the plan Biden decided to deploy the Abrams tanks.

In mid-January, CIA chief William Burns reportedly presented a plan to end the war in Ukraine to both Kyiv and Moscow at the behest of the American president. But both sides reportedly rejected the plan. According to the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, citing high-ranking German foreign policy figures from the government and opposition, the following proposal was put forward:

“The offer to Kyiv sounded like this: peace in exchange for land, the offer to Moscow: land in exchange for peace. It is reported that the “land” was about 20 percent of the territory of Ukraine. This is approximately the size of the Donbass. Both sides, two politicians say, would refuse. Ukrainians because they don’t want their national territory to be divided, Russians because they expect to win the war in the long run anyway.”

It is reported that the head of the CIA, William Burns, got acquainted with the peace plan in Kyiv and Moscow.

NZZ further reports that, according to German foreign policy departments, Biden wanted to avoid a protracted war in Ukraine. According to him, he was ready to give part of the country. If this image is correct, Biden will not be alone in his position in Washington, writes NZZ. A new study by renowned American think tank Rand Corporation (Preventing a Long War) concludes that “preventing a long war is a higher priority for the United States” than giving Ukraine “control of its entire territory.”

It was only after Burns failed with the proposed plan that the American president reportedly made the decision to supply the Abrams tanks. Both politicians tell NZZ that there are two camps in Washington over the war in Ukraine. “On one side,” two German deputies say, “are security adviser Jake Sullivan and CIA chief Burns. They wanted to end the war quickly so they could focus on China. On the other hand were Foreign Secretary Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. They did not want to allow Russia to destroy the rules-based peace order and advocated massive military support for Ukraine.

The Berlin newspaper tried to confirm this information. “There’s a lot to be said for” Biden taking the initiative, explains one opposition defense politician. According to him, if the NZZ report is correct, this is further evidence that the German chancellor does not have a strategy in helping Ukraine. After all, according to NZZ, Scholz would have been taken by surprise by the decision to supply tanks, and then reacted by announcing the supply of German Leopards.

According to the politician, it is becoming increasingly clear that the United States is preparing for a long war of attrition. In his opinion, Germany would suffer more and more from such a war – economically and financially, but also militarily. After all, sometimes the reserves of the Bundeswehr are already largely depleted. The government coalition also said that “a lot could be true in the report.”

Foreign policy spokesman for the CDU/CSU faction, Jürgen Hardt, states: “Reports of the status of the decision on battle tanks fit into a picture that shows the German chancellor as single-minded…” Putin will not enter into serious negotiations until the continuation of hostilities would mean for him the risk of military defeat. “That point has not yet been reached,” said Hardt. According to him, it is fundamentally important that no agreements be reached over Ukraine’s head. “The US had it, if the CIA Director’s mediation efforts reports are correct, but obviously didn’t suggest it.”

Left-wing foreign policy spokesman Sevim Dagdelen calls it a “sign of hope” if there are people in US government circles who want an immediate end to this war. “Unfortunately, this does not apply to German foreign policy,” Dagdelen said.

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