Meanwhile Here is Prison China

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That’s the social model promoted by the WEF. No need to visit the prison camps as long as the highest members of the government elites are themselves treated like inmates and the mandarin at the top doesn’t even try to hide the autocratic nature of his rule.

The only solution for the West is not to emulate an inhumane, un-dignifying model, which in any case would not be up to the level of the Chinese maniacal mindset but would surely cause more resentment among Western societies. 

The West would do better to promote the anti WEP movement, promote anti-authoritarianism and reject Biden-type warmongering under the liberal so-called “responsibility to protect”, reject cancel culture, immigration, and integration. Promote nationalism of the White culture which made it so successful in the last few hundred years, minus colonialism and slavery induced by alien influences (both Arab and Jewish). Unleash the energies of the talented white European peoples.

The West should mind its own business, make peace with Russia, throw out the shackles of an alien, bizarre religion, rollback feminism, emancipate itself as a separate culture and offer a sense of liberty and freedom to its own people, retreat to its own borders, enjoy life and the pursuit of happiness to the chagrin of the Chinese maniacs and the other foreign implants. Using limited but powerful defense, it can withstand the colossal but overweighted Chinese, just as the mobile little English galleons overcame the Spanish Armada with its heavy caravelles.

As long as the West aims to use Chinese methods of governance, it is doomed and we all are doomed together.

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1 year ago

You are obviously totally ignoRANT about China…just curl up in your cave and shut up

11 months ago

Notice how everyone EXCEPT the 2 big dogs are wearing masks…