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The more I read about this, the more I return to my original opinion, that this is the deep-state civil war that started during the 2016 “election”. A schism within the Bush/Clinton/Obama zio-neocons that want to take over the entire world all at once, and the slightly more sane zio-neocons fronted by Trump, that wanted to placate Russia, to prevent their alignment with China.

They would then attack China economically, using a hybrid biological war, that had been ongoing for years, attacking China’s pork production through swine flu and poultry production through avian flu. This combined with illegal sanctions, was an attempt to bend China to their will, before turning on the Russians, after China had been subdued.

Now we have Trump saying vote for me and I’ll bring back Guillotines.

That man would do anything to get my vote but it’s not going to work.

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