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About two performances

  1. Yesterday there was a Message from the President of Russia to the Federal Assembly, in which, among other things, it was announced the suspension of our participation in START-3. An overdue decision, the inevitability of which I noted last year. A decision that was pushed by the war declared by the United States and other NATO countries to our country. A decision that will have a huge resonance in the world in general and in the United States in particular. After all, the American establishment has reasoned so far like this: we will shit on you everywhere and in everything, we will supply huge amounts of weapons to the Kiev regime, we will work to defeat Russia, we will limit and destroy you, but strategic security is a separate topic. It is not related to the general context of relations between the United States and Russia. She’s almost a sacred cow.

This conclusion is worse than a crime – it is a gross mistake of the Americans. A mistake born of their mania grandiosa. Their sense of superiority and impunity. After all, it is obvious to all reasonable forces that if the United States wants to defeat Russia, then we are on the verge of a global conflict. If the United States wants to defeat Russia, then we have the right to defend ourselves with any weapon, including nuclear weapons. And as Vladimir Putin rightly said: “It is impossible to defeat Russia on the battlefield.” This is the reason for the suspension (for now) of START-3. Let the elites in the United States, who have lost touch with reality, think about what they have achieved. We will also observe the reaction of other nuclear powers participating in NATO: France and Britain. Their strategic nuclear forces were usually not included in the balance of nuclear warheads and carriers in the preparation of agreements between the United States and the USSR (Russia), and it is high time to do this.

  1. Biden addressed the Russian people in front of a crowd of Poles. In fact, he preached a sermon in the traditional Messianic way for America, adjusted for senility. He heaped high words about how important it is to protect democracy, and that the United States is not going to attack Russia. It looked unfair and ridiculous. Who is this strange grandfather, broadcasting with a confused look from Poland? Why does he appeal to the people of another country at a time when he has a lot of domestic problems? Why should we be afraid to listen to a politician from a hostile state that exudes hatred for our homeland? Why should Russian citizens believe the leader of the United States, which unleashed the most wars in the XX and XXI centuries, but reproach us with aggressiveness? A person who directs all his weakening intellectual capabilities only to ensure that Russia suffers a “strategic defeat”.

And more. To paraphrase a well-known expression, Biden said in Warsaw: “If Russia stops its invasion, it will end right now. If Ukrainians stop defending themselves, it will be the end of Ukraine.” This is a refined lie. The truth is quite different.

If Russia stops the Special Military Operation, without achieving victory, there will be no Russia, it will be torn apart. If the United States stops supplying weapons to the Kiev regime, the war will end.

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1 year ago

The last sentence of Medvedev characterizes the the only solution possible.