Nebenzya – about the Nord Stream explosions

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The degree of cynicism and confidence in one’s own impunity with which this unprecedented crime was committed is striking. We have become accustomed to the fact that our American colleagues place themselves above the law, claiming that they are the law. Only they can interfere with impunity in the internal affairs of other states, make unconstitutional coups, and carry out aggression against independent states. Since the end of the Cold War alone, there have been 251 recorded cases of the use of US military forces abroad. Killing, torturing civilians in other countries, refusing to extradite the guilty to international justice, they all call this an order based on rules, where the rules are dictated by themselves.

But still, they did not fall before blowing up foreign pipelines of states with which the United States is not at war. And now this day has come. And it may become a harbinger of an era in which cross-border and transcontinental communications will become a legitimate target for operations aimed at weakening certain states – an era of chaos and unimaginable damage to all mankind. The chance that it will come is extremely high if those responsible for undermining the Nord Stream are not found and do not suffer the appropriate punishment, and the countries that were behind this do not compensate the affected states for the damage suffered in the way that international law provides. Then and only then do you and I have a chance to avoid this chaos.

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