Five Reasons for the Failure of the SMO

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The main reasons for the failure of the fast SMO (Special Military Operation) in Ukraine, from a Russian analysis:

  1. Russia greatly underestimated the strength of the artificial totalitarian Ukrainian regime. It withstood all the blows. And it even saw increased support from the population. The totalitarian regime of the neo-Banderites is very strong in Kyiv.

  2. Russia underestimated the full control of the US intelligence agencies over all the power structures in Ukraine. Every attempt by Russia to negotiate surrender with the security forces immediately fell under the control of the US intelligence services.

  3. Russia greatly underestimated the strength of the Ukrainian army. This army combines the strength of a Russian soldier, a motivated fascist officer and a very experienced American general. That’s a very strong combination.

  4. Russia greatly underestimated the internal transformation of the West in recent years from a democracy to a new quasi-totalitarian regime. If the West were a democracy, as Moscow thought, it would not have supported the terrible terrorist regime in Kiev. But unsuspectedly it turned out to be no longer a democracy and hit Russia with all its totalitarian might. And unfortunately, Russia still idealized Europe, too.

  5. Also, Russia overestimated the friendship between the people of Russia and Ukraine. It turns out that strong state systems and governments play a greater role than classes and peoples and religions.

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3 months ago

Russia is winning.