Bloomberg Admits: “China’s Plan for Ukraine is a Challenge to the US”:

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Bloomberg writes that China’s peace plan is an excuse to start supporting Russia to the fullest extent by unleashing its proxy war on the US. Yes, the US is toast.

“If China is on the verge of becoming more involved – beyond the futile ‘peace plan’ – the strategic upheaval is just beginning. Greater Chinese support for Russia could change not only the battlefield but also the global chessboard.

Secretary of state Blinken has stated that Beijing is considering providing Russia with lethal weapons or ammunition. There are still good reasons why China would not want to be drawn into a military conflict: fear of international condemnation, further deterioration of relations with Europe, and the impact of US sanctions. But there is a very significant reason for Xi Jinping to intervene: he cannot allow Putin to lose.

Russia, which will emerge from the conflict slightly weakened, isolated internationally, and therefore more dependent on Beijing, is not so bad from Xi Jinping’s perspective. Russia, which would suffer in such a way that it could hardly be called a great power, presents a bigger problem because it would allow the US to focus on Beijing. Even worse for Xi is the scenario in which a military defeat would lead to political destabilization in Moscow, potentially threatening the Sino-Russian partnership.

Beijing may be attempting a two-step strategy. The first step has been a vague and unworkable peace plan that allows Xi to publicly propose a mediating role. The second step could be increased military or quasi-military assistance to Russia. Increased Chinese aid could significantly improve Russia’s situation. Or simply allowing Putin to prolong a military conflict that drains US resources and attention is not a bad deal for Beijing.

China arming Russia against Ukraine is China, which has chosen to tolerate acute, prolonged tensions with the US and engage in open proxy warfare with the West.”

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