Putin Reveals Russia’s Main Issue with the US

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The Russian president said his country is opposed to the emergence of a unipolar world that revolves around Washington’s interests

Moscow is striving to create a multipolar world rather than one that is centered around the US, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said. In an interview with Rossiya-1 TV channel on Sunday, he argued that Washington was trying to mold the world exclusively to fit its own agenda.

Putin suggested that America’s “satellite states” are also well aware of these “selfish” intentions. However, for the time being, they have chosen to turn a blind eye to this due to “various reasons connected first and foremost with huge dependence in the economic sphere and defense,” the Russian leader said. [Ed. Note: threat of annihilation by biological, financial, even environmental terrorist acts.]

Some of Washington’s allies also see confrontation with Russia as a unifying cause, eclipsing any differences between them and the US, he added.

As an example, Putin cited the US government’s efforts to attract European businesses to American soil, as well as a submarine deal last summer, which saw Canberra abruptly exit a contract with a French manufacturer in favor of a US competitor. That incident was humiliating for Paris, the president said.

Putin emphasized that Moscow “cannot and will not accept behavior like this.”

In the end, such a stance – the fight for a multipolar world, for respect for each and everyone in the international arena, for taking into account everyone’s interests – I don’t have the slightest doubt, will prevail.

Putin also claimed that Western elites will only be satisfied and prepared to “admit us into the so-called family of civilized nations” if Russia disintegrates into several independent states. In such a scenario, he said, the West would “place [the resulting countries] under its control.” He added that the disintegration of Russia in such circumstances would call into question the existence of the Russian people in its current form.

Commenting on his decision earlier this week to suspend Russia’s participation in the New START Treaty – the last remaining nuclear accord between Moscow and Washington – Putin argued that the move was required to safeguard Russia’s security as well as its “strategic stability.”

According to the Russian president, he opted for this course of action in light of a more aggressive NATO, which “has announced as its prime goal” Russia’s strategic defeat.

via RT

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Frances L. Wellington
Frances L. Wellington
11 months ago

I, too prefer a multipolar world. I am tired of NATO bullying tactics and US drawing it’s allies into it’s warmongering ways. I object to the arrogance of any single entity “ruling” in dominance, lording power over others. It is unnecessary. It is reckless. It is stifling. Unfair.
I prefer the richness of diversity and uniqueness of individuality in sovereignty of nations. Life is challenging as it is without the constant pressure of fighting. The USA should “mind it’s own business” to focus upon rectifying issues at home.
NATO, WEF, WHO have all “overstepped” and are no longer respected. These entities are not living up to their potential whilst they are agressive and run by individuals who behave as terrorists.

Last edited 11 months ago by Frances L. Wellington