“Military Thought” on Russian Strategy

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Russia is creating a new type of military operations using nuclear weapons to protect against possible US aggression.

The magazine “Military Thought”, published by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, spoke about the promising development.

The United States, losing its leadership in the world, plans to defeat Russia in the course of a “strategic multi-sphere operation.” It includes the instantaneous defeat of up to 70% of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces, the neutralization of the remaining and launched carriers with the help of missile defense, and then a nuclear strike on Russian territory.

In turn, the Russian military is developing a strategic deterrence force operation that will be able to suppress American missile defense systems and inflict unacceptable damage to the enemy.

“The US attack can be prevented if Russia convincingly demonstrates the ability to deter at least one of the stages of the American operation,” the magazine notes.

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2 months ago

Israel has already said it, “If we go down, the world goes down with us”.

2 months ago

Russian weapons system meets and exceeds US Weapons systems. Russian S550 are so powerful they can take out US satilites in about two minutes and their short range hypersonic cruise missiles can take out any weapon system within 1000k. Russia has a nuclear powers cruise missile the flys at Mach 20 for weeks that can carry conventional or nuclear payloads rendering the U.S. completely destroyed if the US attacks Russia. I have not seen anything this close in the US. The US is still developing Hypersonic cruise missiles.

2 months ago
Reply to  Paul

Today’s young generations think the world was invented yesterday. It’s been the same story rehashed over and over for the last 70 years or so. Russia doesn’t have to demonstrate anything to the US or vice versa. It doesn’t matter who has the superior technology because there’s so many birds ready to fly that you could never stop them all, that’s where the stalemate is.. The quicker civilians get to know that it only takes a few nukes to fry the planet and that absolutely no one will survive, the better for us all.

Last edited 2 months ago by TonyR