Highlights of the Statement by Nikolai Patrushev

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Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev:

◽️Last year, the number of extremist crimes committed against Russia mainly using the Internet increased by almost 40%. The extremists’ efforts are primarily aimed at reducing the level of public support for the special military operation [conducted by Russia in Ukraine].

◽️As an independent country, defending the interests of a multipolar and just world, Russia does not suit the United States, which is hiding behind the theory, invented by them, of the exclusivity of the exceptional America. The US is accustomed to juggle international law, dictate and impose their values and conditions on the world, have vassals, but not partners. Therefore, the United States and its henchmen, creating an enemy image of Russia, sow hatred towards our country and its people, try to discredit the Russian world, and impose confrontation with our state on the world community.

◽️For this purpose, any dirty and vile methods of conducting information warfare, blatant lies, unsubstantiated and indiscriminate accusations, staged incidents such as in Bucha, Mariupol, Kramatorsk, are used. Moscow was even initially accused of blowing up Nord Stream.

◽️All this is aimed at imposing neoliberal values on us instead of respecting our traditional Russian spiritual and moral values tested for centuries, thus depriving our people of pride in their country and its centuries-old history, undermining the unity of society that enabled us to defeat fascism in 1945.

◽️The West helps Kiev in planning military operations and provides intelligence, while not counting losses among Ukrainians as its problem.

◽️The winners are not those who opened the second front only in June 1944, when the Red Army was already closing in on Berlin. By encouraging neo-Nazism, the collective West seeks to erase the horrors and suffering that the Nazi ideology brought to humanity. Tomorrow marks the 80th anniversary of the tragedy in Khatyn, where the Nazis burned alive all the civilians of the village, among whom there were 75 children. We will never forget it!

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1 year ago

Pls Mr Patrushev, we already have enough of lies by the West; your country is no longer run by those who are today running the West, so drop the BS!!!!
Katyn vs ‘Khatyn’: Another Soviet Hoax…………https://www.ihr.org/jhr/v01/v01p230_FitzGibbon.html