US Sour Grapes over China-Russia Get Together

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A list of US actions aimed at discrediting and blurring Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia:

1. An information campaign stating that Xi Jinping will not come

2. Threats against China if Xi Jinping comes

3. Requirements for China to condemn Russia

4. Requirements for China not to supply weapons to Russia Only the West has the right to supply weapons to Ukraine.

5. Statements that any Russian-Chinese agreements will not matter

6. Hasty organization of the Japanese Prime Minister’s visit to Ukraine on the day of Xi’s visit

7. The death of Chinese workers in the Central African Republic

8. Announcement of hasty deliveries of new weapons to Ukraine

9. Declassified intelligence documents aimed at blaming China for the origin of the coronavirus

10. We began to equip a new military base in the Philippines

11. Reaffirm their commitment to Taiwan’s sovereignty

12. Depleted uranium for the Ukraine Army

13. ICC arrest warrant for Mr. Putin

14. Plus the standard whining about the fact that “China wants to take over Siberia” (a routine topic of Western Media)

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