Robert F Kennedy Jr.: His Book Outing Fauci’s Criminality and More

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What follows is one example of one deed performed by RFKjr, which was the researching, writing and publishing of his The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, which was self-published through his NGO Children’s Health Defense (yet another deed). IMO, it makes no difference what sort of platform sponsored this interview nor does it matter who asks the questions; what matters are the answers RFKjr provides for those of us who haven’t read his book. I should also inform those reading this that RFKjr has written another book that’s addressed to those who criticize him without having any real knowledge of who he is, A Letter to Liberals: Censorship and COVID: An Attack on Science and American Ideals. One of the blurb’s: “A Letter to Liberals is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s, challenge to “lockdown liberalism’s” embrace of policies that are an affront to once cherished precepts.” 


Over 1,000,000 copies sold despite censorship, boycotts from bookstores and libraries, and hit pieces against the author.

And it’s been in circulation for 17 months.

I created a transcript of an interview RFK Jr did with Steve Bannon, discussing The Real Anthony Fauci. For those who want to watch the video, they can do so at this link.

Transcript of interview:

STEVE BANNON: How does Tony Fauci take stage and become the commanding influence . . . I want you to walk us through it – when do you believe he starts making these kind of dictates or diktats, particularly on vaccines, lockdowns and all that Sir?

Well,, it’s a big question and the last chapter of my book [The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health], which I think is really one of the most revelatory chapters, shows that the Event 201, which was this pandemic simulation — which was really a blueprint for how do you use the pandemic for imposing totalitarian controls and obliterating democracy and constitutional rights.

If you go to [Event 201] Seminar Four, you have all of these people talking about how do we stop social media from talking about chatter that this may be a lab leak. And then, two months later when the rest of the world finds out about Coronavirus, and a lot of the people who were part of Event 201 move into key places in government to manage the Coronavirus response. So, they’ve been schooled that the way that you respond to a public health crisis is by imposing totalitarian controls.

What I found when I was writing the book, which I detail, is that this was not a one-off event; they were doing these drills, these pandemic simulations, for 20 years. Beginning in 1999, they did an anthrax simulation called Dark Winter and a few months later we have the anthrax attacks on our country, which justify the pathways are used to justify the passage the Patriot Act and the invasion of Iraq. And later – when it’s too late – the FBI investigation finds it [the anthrax attacks] did not come from Iraq, it came from one of three U S military labs.

So, there was clearly somebody from the US military who was involved in this or the intelligence agencies. Now, what you see is year after year following that, we have the rise of the biosecurity agenda, which replaces the Islamic terrorist agenda. So, biosecurity officially becomes a spear tip of American foreign policy.

And every year they are doing these pandemic simulations, which now involve hundreds of thousands of people. We understand they were secret, but they were bringing in people from police departments, from hospital systems and frontline workers all over the country . . . utility people, oil company executives and workers, who are all involved in these pandemics, which each one of them drilled

They never talk about public health. They never talk about how to repurpose medication, how to quarantine the sick, how to get people to eat Vitamin D, and zinc and exercise and build their immune system. There’s none of that discussion. It’s all about how to use a pandemic as a pretense to obliterate democracy.

And they were doing it simultaneously in the US, Canada, Australia and all the countries in Europe. And each one of them had a figurehead; so they brought in somebody who would was really kind of a useful idiot, somebody who would give the imprimatur of legitimacy . . . so Madeleine Albright or Senator Gary Hart or Senator Sam Nunn or some Congressman or Bill Gates, so that everybody would say “Hey this is kind of weird what we’re doing but if that person thinks it’s OK, it must be OK.” And they were drilling year after year, how to use the pandemic when it does come out.

Where did Tony Fauci come from? After the anthrax attacks, the Pentagon began – and the CIA – began funneling huge amounts of money to bioweapons development. We [the US] had shut down bioweapons development – although the CIA continued to illegally do it – the Pentagon stopped doing it in 1970.

STEVE BANNON: Hang on . . . we [the US] had signed a treaty that said we were out of that [bioweapons] business, [which is] one of the big controversies about the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] and how they’ve gotten involved in this. Give me the fact that backs up the fact that the CIA, maybe even the Pentagon, over and above or outside the treaty we signed . . . we were only supposed to have bioweapons defense, but not an offensive capability. Why do you say they’ve been developing bioweapons?

ROBERT F KENNEDY: Well what happened was the CIA was doing it secretly even after the treaty, right up until 1999. And you know, I’m getting ahead of myself, but the CIA through USAID was the biggest funder, even bigger than Tony Fauci, of the gain-of-function studies in Wuhan, the Pentagon was second, Tony Fauci was third.

Initially the Pentagon – after the anthrax attacks, during 9/11 – the Pentagon wanted to get back into bioweapons research. But as you just pointed out, it was illegal to do offensive research. You could only do defensive research. And what does that mean – it means vaccine development.

But a lot of defensive research – the same experiments that you used to develop vaccines are the same experiments that you use to develop bioweapons. The Pentagon wanted to start doing bioweapons, but they did not think that they could sell it to the world that “we are just developing vaccines”, that the Pentagon is now putting all this money into vaccines.

So, instead the Pentagon funneled the money, beginning in 2001, through Tony Fauci – $1.7 billion a year. Now it’s $2.2 billion. They also gave Fauci a 68% raise [that was] attached to his bioweapons research. That’s one of the reasons why he had to continue to do this gain of function research even when Obama told him to stop in 2014.

He [Fauci] didn’t stop [bioweapons research]. He continued developing the worst of those [diseases] you know with that technology, that gain-of-function technology at the University of North Carolina. And [he did that] secretly and illegally.

What happened that year was that three of his bugs [viruses] escaped [from the lab] and 300 leading scientists around the globe then wrote a letter to Obama saying you have got to stop Tony Fauci from developing these, from playing these games of “souping up” these pandemic viruses, because if one of them escapes, the trajectory would be uncontrollable. And so, Obama passed the moratorium.

Fauci immediately began violating the moratorium by continuing to fund the worst of the these [experiments to make disease more lethal] by Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina. He [Fauci] also moved a lot of those studies offshore. And to take his fingerprints off them, he laundered the money through this bioweapons grifter called Peter Daszak and his little group EcoHealth Alliance, who would distribute the money to the Chinese scientists at the [Wuhan] lab.

The Chinese, from 2013, published a paper, which is talked about in my book, where they said – they were right just open about it – saying “we are making weapons, we’re not pretending to make vaccines, we are making weapons”. Tony Fauci was teaching them how to do that.

But worst of all – and this puts the lie that everything he says about “oh, we were just trying to make vaccines” – he [Fauci] funded Ralph Baric to develop a system called the “Seamless Ligation System”, which is a system, a technology, for hiding the evidence of engineering on the these Coronaviruses.

So, what they do is they take a bat Coronavirus that will only affect bats. They remove the Spike Protein and they hook in, they implant a Spike Protein that they construct out of amino acids, so that it will affect human beings. And they test it on humanized mice, these mice that have human lungs. And if they can get the mouse not only to get infected, but then to cough and spread the infection without engineering, that’s a success story for them.

But Ralph Baric, with funding from Tony Fauci, developed the system for hiding the evidence of engineering. If you were really interested in public health, you would want to do the opposite of that.

You would want to put a red flag on it that said, “This is human-made, we made this – don’t let it go anywhere.” That’s not what they were doing. They were weaponizing it [the Coronavirus], by making it so that it could not be traced back to whoever dropped it on the world.

Baric, with funding from Fauci, then taught that technology which he called the “no-see-um” technology to Zheng-Li Shi, the Chinese scientist who was running that lab under the control of the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] and the People’s Liberation Army. who were her bosses.

She developed – she was taught how to use that technology – she perfected it, and then she stopped publishing in 2018 and 2019. We know she was still doing those studies; she stopped publishing about them, which is very, very suspicious – because sometime in that period was almost certainly the time that they took this one Coronavirus that they had discovered in a Mojiang cave in Wuhan province that had killed a whole bunch of miners there.

The miners got Coronavirus from that particular one [variety of Coronavirus]; they got it from the bats, but they were not spreading it in their homes, so it could not spread human to human at that point.

And it appears that Zheng-Li Shi and Peter Daszak took that Coronavirus and enabled it to infect human beings through respiratory droplets.

And those were on the studies that Tony Fauci funded.

[And there the video ends. Is there more to it? I don’t know. Is RFKjr’s voice always that haggard? I don’t know, but I suspect not. I again thank Perimetr for doing the hard work of transcribing the video into a transcript.]

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5 months ago

So thousands of people across the world know and collaborated about this secrecy but no one has spoken about it. Odd, no?

5 months ago
Reply to  otto

And no link to – ‘The Chinese, from 2013, published a paper, which is talked about in my book, where they said – they were right just open about it – saying “we are making weapons, we’re not pretending to make vaccines, we are making weapons”. Tony Fauci was teaching them how to do that.’
Is there a link in the book or is it just talked about?

5 months ago
Reply to  otto

Buy the book and you should see the link. This is just transcript of Robert F Kennedy’s interview by Steve Bannon.

John Courtneidge
John Courtneidge
5 months ago

Was this part of the #GlobalEugenicsConspiracy ?