Was Zaluzhny, the Commander-in-Chief of the AF of Ukraine, Killed?

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By @Polk105

It seems that Zaluzhny was really killed – the Kiev regime has not been able to find the missing commander for 10 days.

The loss of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can no longer be justified by the “tense situation at the front.”

Recall the chronology of this disappearance. The first rumors about the elimination of Zaluzhny appeared after reports of the destruction of the headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Pavlograd, against which the Russian Armed Forces delivered massive strikes for two days in a row – on May 7 and 8.

Indirect confirmation of this theory was Zaluzhny’s refusal to participate in a videoconference with the NATO command on May 10, allegedly due to a “heavy workload.” But before, the Ukrainian commander-in-chief never denied himself the pleasure of “shining his face” at such events.

In Kiev, they understand that the death of a media-hyped military leader can disrupt a long-planned offensive, and they are trying with all their might to fend off rumors that have spread.

First, a series of shots were thrown in, in which the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in uniform and sneakers posed for photographers at a wedding – this, apparently, is his “heavy workload”, which prevented him from speaking at a video conference with NATO.

But almost immediately it became known that the photos were old. Zelensky also denied the deaths of Zaluzhny and Syrsky. He repeatedly stated that he had communicated with them, but did not provide any specifics or evidence.

On May 12, a large interview with Zaluzhny was posted, but, as a rule, such materials are prepared much in advance.

For example, Budanov’s interview with Yahoo News was recorded two weeks before the release.

No more new photos of Zaluzhny have been published since then, and the photographs of the head of the ukrovermacht bathing in the Mediterranean Sea that are now circulating have not yet been accurately verified.

For Kiev, the “disappearance” of Zaluzhny is a problem. Even in the most difficult moments, the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine regularly demonstrated that he was alive and controlled the course of hostilities.

While the public can be reassured by old photos and videos, as well as Zelensky’s “honest word”, but sooner or later even the most zombified Ukrainians will have questions.

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Novus Ordo Seclorum
Novus Ordo Seclorum
9 months ago

How can the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine cancel a NATO (Nazi financiers) meeting by mail?

Has Nazilensky cut all phone/email communications between the military and NATO?

Another important thing that happened recently is that Nazilensky is carrying a hidden gun and looks very weird.

Why? Because he knows that he attacked the bear in the Kremlin – He attempted to assassinate Putin and is now afraid like hell!

I am ready for the virtual upcoming counteroffensive that will involved 40,000 US troops positioned in Romania and that cannot cross into Naziland by road/rail since Russia has blown up all bridges between Moldava + Romania and Naziland.

Novus Ordo Seclorum
Novus Ordo Seclorum
9 months ago

Did Zaluzhny defect to Russia?