USA and China: Détente?

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USA and China. The negotiations look like a breakthrough.

China has stated that it will not fight the US in the global space. China will respect US interests. And will not challenge these US interests. And will not try to replace the United States. That is, will it recognize the role of the United States as a global leader?

The US has stated that the US will not take steps to recognize Taiwan’s independence. And the US will not try to change China’s political system. If so, then the parties may have agreed that the United States remains the only global superpower.

And China will be sure that Taiwan is China and there will be no more friction between China and the United States over Taiwan. And China will not be under attack by the US in the sense of “color revolutions.”

If these statements reflect reality, this could be bad news for Russia.

And that could be good news for the global economy.

Xi said that humanity needs good relations between China and the United States, and the fate of mankind depends on these relations.

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