Removal of Russian Army’s Deadwood Holdovers?

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We try our best not to deal in rumours. However, it is clear that the deal with the Wagner PMC’s insurrectionists could not have been reached without terms. The following are the likely parameters of the new reality that we will see in short order:

—”Wagner PMC” troops will be incorporated into and merged with the Russian Armed Forces.

—Gerasimov and Shoigu will resign, to be replaced by Surovikin (as Chief of Staff) and Dyumin, Governor of Tula, highly respected in the Russian Armed Forces, who played a key role the Crimea operation that led to the Republic’s reunification with Russia (as Minister of Defence).

—Criminal proceedings against Prigozhin will be terminated, and “Wagner PMC” fighters will be given immunity.

The most complete version of the terms of this resolution has been published by @Condottieros, but various details have been reiterated by other sources.

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