Nicole Schwab – Get Used to “Permanent “Climate Lockdowns”

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The daughter of World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab has emerged from the shadows and issued a chilling threat against humanity.

According to Nicole Schwab, the global elite are preparing to roll out permanent “climate lockdowns” whether you like it or not – and you had better get used to the idea because there is nothing you can do about it.

Schwab’s daughter says the global elite’s plans for a so-called “new humanity” are so far advanced there is nothing that ordinary people like you and me can do to stop them. But there is a fatal flaw in the globalist’s agenda that we can use to exploit and spoil their plans

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10 months ago

The US/Rockefeller Crime Syndicate plans for a World Government has been shattered by Russia, China and half the world.
That doesn’t mean that the International Finance, Oil, and their Corporate interests won’t destroy the West and try and force their delusion with their planned ‘North American Union’ managed by their criminal UN/WEF/WHO and Corporate agencies.
Its best to ignore those Psychopaths and their fear porn who try to trick good people into their delusional NAU using whatever means possible.
If it’s fear based propaganda it’s a lie.

10 months ago

Some people think that they own this world but the invisible forces control this no physical entity can control the in see n do these are living in a fantasy world

10 months ago

The stupid parasite must think she’s bullet proof!