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via Sergei Markov

Sensational interview with Dmitry Peskov New York Times. Dmitry Peskov said that Russia does not seek to control any territories of Ukraine, except for those that have already become part of Russia.

This is the first clear statement from which it will be concluded that Russia does not seek to liberate such many centuries of Russian cities as Odessa, Kharkov, Nikolaev, Dnieper by incorporating into Russia.

This statement by Peskov will have huge political implications. First of all, the attitude towards Russia in these cities will change. What is the point of Odessa and Kharkov supporting Russia if Odessa and Kharkov are definitely not in Russia?

However, some argue that there is no support for Russia in Odessa and Kharkov, but only hatred for Russia.

In addition, this can lead to dramatic changes in the political position of the active patriotic part of Russian society and oppose it to the political leadership. After all, they are actively fighting not for Kherson or Kramatorsk, but for Novorossiya.1

But this will be perceived very positively in the world as Russia’s readiness for peace talks in the near future from a “realistic position.”

1. Novorossiya Governorate in 1800 within the Russian Empire. Its central city was Ekaterinoslav (modern Dnipro), which was briefly renamed “Novorossiysk” during the reign of Paul I

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9 months ago

I have to trust that Russia knows what it’s doing. But in my opinion Russia would be making a big mistake. If Russia fails to take all of Ukraine, US backed terrorist will continue to terrorize Russians everywhere always nipping around the edges to try and wear Russians down and make a peaceful life miserable.

Brad Golding
Brad Golding
9 months ago

If Russia does not control Odessa, what will happen to Transnistria?