Defeat of Israel on the Horizon?!

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Israel would like to solve the problem without tanks in Gaza, but it seems a ground operation is inevitable

Yuri Podolyaka, journalist

▪️The first phase of the conflict in the Middle East has passed; it turned out to be a failure for Israel. Now they cannot solve their problems: senseless bombing is a sign of weakness.

▪️If the Israeli army enters Gaza, it will suffer colossal losses that will be impossible to explain to Israeli citizens. And it would be preferable for them to solve the problem without bringing tanks into Gaza.

▪️But now the Palestinians consider the situation a win-win for themselves. Without a serious military defeat, they will not negotiate surrender; but Netanyahu can only be saved politically by the surrender of Palestine. A stalemate? – We need to somehow start a land war. And losing the war will be a death sentence not only for Netanyahu, but perhaps for all of Israel, because it is holding on to this narrow strip of land until everyone understands that Israel is strong, with the United States behind it.

▪️As soon as Turkey understands that Israel has weakened so much that the problem of creating the Ottoman Empire in the south can be solved, this process will be turned on, and then Israel’s days will be numbered. Israel has already suffered reputational losses, and if the situation remains this way, the war will continue when the Palestinian side gains strength.

▪️If Israel cannot defeat Gaza militarily, it will continue to lose the war. The next phase will be even more terrible for Israel. Every country understands this and they are withdrawing their citizens from neighboring countries.

An Israeli ground operation in the Gaza Strip is inevitable, but will this be a death sentence for Zelensky as well?

▪️Everyone is afraid that this phase is inevitable, and that Israel will suffer colossal losses. And that will be a death sentence for the Ukrainian armed forces, which, of course, will not receive serious support in the foreseeable future. All Western countries have already announced that their priority is clear: Israel.

▪️Some money will be allocated to Ukraine, but not what Kyiv is counting on, especially after the failed counter-offensive.


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