The Crocus Mall Slaughter, Who Did It?

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by Claudiu Secara

The Crocus Mall attack, who did it? Was it the Ukrainian Zionists? Or maybe the British Zionists? How about the Israeli Zionists? Or better yet, was it the American Zionists, better known as the neocons? Maybe all of the above, what’s the difference?

The perpetrators were not religious fundamentalists, as recognized by Peskov, Patrushev, and others. They were indeed Muslims, but they were hired guns for money. No Allahu Akbar, no suicide attack, just a transactional deal. Paid killers.

I was about to say paid professional killers, but while they were killers, they were not professionals. “Professionals” would mean at the very least that they would have dispersed and disappeared in the general population afterward. Instead, they were driving at 137 Km an hour on 80 to 100 Km/h roads, straight into the police dragnet waiting for them at the Ukrainian border.

From the other end of the world, the US came forward to point to the usual bogus suspects. The only scapegoats the US has for all-weather bad events are the ubiquitous Arabs, Muslims, or a combination thereof.

But who could have had the motive? Sure, the illegitimate Ukrainian government had a motive. Just 2 days before, their entire energy infrastructure was wiped out by the rain of Russian Kalibr missiles. For the first time, there was no more room to brag about how many Russian missiles they’ve downed. The evidence and the irreparable damage were immense. So, yes, they were motivated to show the Russians that they are not dead yet.

As for the Israelis, they were boxed in by a Russian government who at the very least supported and pleaded at the UN for an immediate ceasefire. The Russians were defiantly sending cargos of food aid to the Palestinians in Gaza, and they had a plan for a role for Hamas in Gaza, post-war, as well as working hard to unify all the Palestinian factions into a united front against the illegal Israeli occupation. Furthermore, they tacitly support the Iranians, who support the Houthis who declared an embargo on shipping vessels connected to Israel.

The British Jews have always been enthralled to strike at Russian interests (for over 200 years) and should there be a plot to do that, why would they miss a good thrill and not support it unconditionally? That’s their modus operandi in world affairs.

Now, the American neocons. They are on record, getting up to all kinds of tricks to shake Russia’s sovereignty and shatter its defenses. But not just defense, the neocons openly profess their manifest intent to break up the Russian state, to terminate Russia’s economic survival, Russia’s very existence.

It is easy to see that the rush to create an immediate counterattack against Russia in a massive terrorist act causing mass casualties while at the same time hiding behind full deniability only left more fingerprints, more holes in the narrative, which together with the capture of the perpetrators leaves very little doubt about the West’s duplicity and complicity.

We have two simultaneous wars going on: one is the actual hot war and the other is the blame war. Regardless of the true identities of the perpetrators, the perception of who can be blamed in the most useful way by each of parties is just as important. Just as the Anglozionists’ scapegoats are always the Arabs, so are the Ukrainians these days for Russia. Have you noticed that the people around Putin never call out Mossad or Israel or Netanyahu, never mention one unsavory act done by Israel? Never condemn Israel for killing Palestinians, never condemn Israel for the illegal occupation, never condemn any of the outrageous statements made by the members of Netanyahu’s cabinet, never condemn the mass bombings of Palestinian cities, never condemn the Gulag imposed by Israel on the native population of Palestine, etc., etc. Why is that?!

On the other hand, Moscow’s mere abstention from joining the anti Hamas chorus was reason enough for Amir Weitmann, of Israel’s ruling Likud Party, to promise revenge on Russia: “Russia is supporting Nazis who want to commit genocide against us. Russia will pay the price.”

That is a direct threat. And so is the threat made by the Israeli ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, against Russia: “Russia is hosting those who are responsible for intentionally murdering babies, raping women, and burning families alive,” Erdan stated. He added that “this meeting in Moscow [with Hamas] is a result of something more dangerous. Russia is now deepening its ties with global forces of destabilization.”

“Both of our countries – Ukraine and Israel – are fighting a battle for our survival,” Erdan stated, underscoring that Jerusalem and Kyiv were standing strong together in solidarity while “the free world stands on the sidelines divided.” — “We, Israel and Ukraine, are the canaries in the coal mine. To the rest of the free world, I say: Wake up! Wake up!” Erdan stated.

And to make it even clearer, he highlighted “the similarities between Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia that invaded its territory and fires missiles at civilians, and Israel, which suffered a massacre and an invasion by Hamas that fires missiles at Israeli citizens.”

These statements in themselves position Israel as a declared enemy of Russia, and those words are only outmatched by President Biden’s calling President Putin a “thug” and a “butcher” to be dealt with. So who did it? They all did it as one.

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