High Jewish IQ Debunked

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Is the Jews’ alleged superior IQ a tested, proven fact?

No, rather it’s an urban legend constantly repeated without any verification.

Watch the video hereafter.

What’s interesting is that the author of this video is willing to accept any result, including that of an average IQ of 110 for Ashkenazim. He explains that this result was obtained through studies biased by the choice of samples that were not representative of the entire target population.
Final result:
– ashkenazim: about 94 – 96
– sephardim: 85 – 92

He says: “They are over-represented in the film industry, in the media, in politics, sociology and so on.” Add speculators, so-called philanthropists (in fact, investors) etc.
But is it necessary to have a high IQ to succeed in these fields?

The author provides some clues as to the reasons for this over-representation.
His conclusion is interesting and reasonable: “Is it normal and democratic for any 2% minority in the US to be so disproportionately overrepresented? Is there not a risk of favoritism towards their own kind?”
High Jewish IQ Debunked [if the presentation is too fast you can lower the speed of the payer – click on 1x and select 1.25x].

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Jesse Jeffreys
Jesse Jeffreys
1 month ago

You are an Idiot

Jews over achieve because they highly value achievment in their culture

Why do you feel the need to trash them ?

They are a tiny minority .

And you apparently cannot handle their success

Haven’t you got anything of substance to offer here ?

1 month ago
Reply to  Jesse Jeffreys

Going by what you just stated, you have to be the biggest idiot of them all!

Mary Jo Joyce
Mary Jo Joyce
1 month ago

Time to unsubscribe.

Doro Pollex
Doro Pollex
1 month ago

Acc. to Gilad Atzmon, there was a program to marry the smartest man to the richest girl in the village. This can explain the lower IQ’s and the accelerated achievements of certain families.