Are We at War with China Already?

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Xi Jinping: When will he [Blinken] leave?

Assistant: He’s leaving this evening.

Blinken was very unhappy in China

Footage is circulating on social networks in which Xi Jinping, before a meeting with the US Secretary of State, asks an assistant:

 “When will he leave?”

The conversation did not help improve the relationship. After that no one from the Chinese authorities went to accompany Blinken to the airport. Only US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns said goodbye to him.

Blinken appeared offended and told reporters after the trip that the US was ready to increase pressure on China.

That’s the next day: A deadly China tornado rips into power line. Coincidence? Direct Energy? Magnetic Pulse? 

A tornado has ripped through China’s Guangdong province, killing five people and injuring 33.

According to local authorities, 141 factory buildings were damaged and hail stones the size of golf balls were seen hitting the ground in the city of Guangzhou.

Elon Musk, the CEO of American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, met with China’s Premier Li Qiang at the State Council in Beijing as the Tesla chief arrives in China for a surprise visit after canceling his visit to India.

Musk dashes to China begging for help with self-drive tech

The Tesla CEO has made a surprise visit to China to try and get permission to transfer data collected in the Asian country abroad to help improve the algorithms for his company’s autonomous driving systems, a source close to the trip said Sunday.

Chinese competitor Xpeng is currently looking to roll similar software to Tesla’s Full Self-Driving tech, which has  still not been made available to Chinese customers.

Last week Musk ditched plans to meet PM Narendra Modi because he had “very heavy Tesla obligations”.

Is Musk all of a sudden desperate for losing his Tesla business in case of China retaliation?

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